Thursday, May 19, 2011

148 days until my FIRST Marathon ...

148 days until my FIRST Marathon -- am I crazy for doing this?? -- 
MAYBE but I'm going to do it (dammit)!  

I'm scared and excited for this race! I signed up with my friend from high school. She's going to KICK MY BUTT in time but I'm just going to try to focus on finishing and then maybe in the future I can worry about time - that is if I ever decide to do more another marathon after this one.

This may be a tad bit lame but one of the reasons I'm looking forward to doing this B-More marathon is so I can have a 26.2 magnet on my car like all the cool kids.  I currently sport my 13.1 oval on my car AND my TRI oval ... but I really really want this one.

This shirt is on my "GET IT" list! I have to get it and wear it on those days I won't feel like climbing out of bed at 6 am for that 20 mile run (yes you read that right - ME - TRISH is going to one day in the future run 20 miles...for practice! What may even be more of a shock is the idea of me getting up by 6am)! I think this shirt will be a nice addition to my running shirt collection.

It may appear I'm only doing this marathon for the gear -- and that's not entirely true -- I'm also doing it for the bragging rights :)

This is my motto now

This will be my motto come October 15th 

I'm only in the beginning stages of training -- you can consider it that I'm in pre-training, so if  you have any marathon tips for me please let me know! 

That's all for now!


  1. Holy moly! I didn't know you signed up for a marathon!!! Don't you remember how your knees were after the half??? lol JK I'm sure you'll rock it like everything else that you do :) I'll be rooting you on from the midwest! :)

  2. i didn't tell you is signed up for a marathon? wow - sorry! yeah i'm all geared up and ready to go. i bought some new running shoes so i hope my knees don't hate me after this marathon as much as they hated me after my 1/2!! aw sad face - in october you wont be here! :(