Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Well Well well ... my 20s are quickly fading (sad face) and 30s are quickly approaching. I'm just a few days away from being a couple years away from being 30 --- SCARRRRRYYYYY.  I'm trying to be positive about my bday this year (trying).   

So on a on that note -- here's my bday wishlist - feel free to get me any or all of these items :)

10.  World Peace (now that i got that out of the way here's what i REALLY want)

9. Kindle!  i'm still carrying paperback books in my purse

8. Birthday Loving From my real friends & virtual friends

7.  Read the first book (LOVED IT), reading the second book ... it's only natural I need to get this book: Mockingjay

6. Happiness

5. YANKEE Candle & Accessories. I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles. i love the fruity yummy smelling ones. i'll take a gift card to this joint! 

4. Ooooh this looks cool! i'm adding it as a must have a REALLY cool Running watch

3. Some Flowers & Chocolates (i'm a girl. i like getting flowers)

2. Cash! Who doesn't like getting cash?! 

1. ANOTHER year!!

Weeeelll that's it for now! I think that's a pretty good list -- I hope it turns out to be a pretty good birthday! 

1 comment:

  1. What about seeing my shining face? That should be at the top of your list hehe