Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I’m a few days away from being a couple years away from 30!

One thing about me you should know is that I’m typically a Debbie Downer when it comes to my birthday. I really don’t want to plan anything, go anywhere, do anything except mope in my bed.  It’s not that I dislike my birthday – I just dislike the planning of doing things for my birthday – does that make sense? I never can decide what I want to do, I fear that once I do decide that no one will show up and that’ll lead to me having heart break and disappointment on my born day … and who wants that?

I’m turning the big 2-8. That puts me just 2 years away from my 30th birthday – which SCARES me. 30 years old?! Jeez. Where has the time gone?  I feel like: I’m almost 30 and I have nothing to show for it. No kids, No House, no big $$ in my savings…”. I feel like maybe by now being in my late 20s I should have more in life than what I have now.

On the other hand – some advice I received in college was basically that your 20s is the only decade in your life you can be selfish and do all the things you want to do (assuming you don’t have kids and/or no husband). I should take advantage of the fact that my car is paid off, I live rent-free and I have a job that I enjoy…and that I don’t have any crying babies to drive me crazy!

I can only take 1 day at a time and work towards the life that I want. So I’m going to work on POSITIVITY – say goodbye to Nancy Negative and feel happy for myself! So CHEERS to me – with only 5 days left of being 27.  

Goodbye 27 --- HELLO 28.


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  1. Stay positive--you're an amazing person, and all of those good things will be coming to you! :) Love ya!

    Happy early birthday!! :)