Friday, May 20, 2011

Photo Inspiration Friday

Happy Friday All!

Today I'm linking up with my best buddy Jenn for photo inspiration day - YAY!

On particularly hard days at work when I find myself needing to take a mental break I surf the web for beach photos. Seeing the sand, water and beach almost always calms me down and takes me to a happy place. 

I bet this water is warm & the weather is PERFECT

I would be right on the beach with my book reading & relaxing

can't you see me now - on that hammock?!

*SIGH* I so want to be there right now! I'm feeling super inspired to - put in a request for a vacation. LOL. I SO want to be at a beach right now!

Happy Friday To You! Hope what gives me a little smile just by looking at it has done the same for you today! 



  1. Oh man. Now you have me dreaming of that beach, too! Let's go!! :)
    Thanks for linking up, Trish! :)

  2. ok I'll come pick you up right now. LOL

  3. Wow, these are really idilic beach pictures. We should all go to one of those at least once in a life, or once every day?