Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ready To Start Hooking!

So....I think I'm ready to start hooking again! Yes - Yes I said it -- Hooking! I'm about to pick up my long lost crochet hook and get my crafty on.  

Friday's Photo Inspiration post - has really got me feeling ...well... INSPIRED. This photo here really did the trick for me: 

{from here}
This is just a-ma-zing in my book. I think the colors are awesome the lay out is great.
 I'm just  a big fan of this particular blanket.  So much so that I want to make it myself.
 So this is my next great project! 

{from here}

  I LOVE the bright colors. I like to look at bright things and feel that happiness/warm feeling that it can bring to you. Something that makes you want to snuggle up under and smile.  I went to Michaels today (luckily for me one of my birthday gifts was a gift card to Michaels ... which I couldn't have planned better myself the timing of that gift) and I picked up some colors to get me started:

Limelight, Watermelon, Iris, Blue Mint, Red and Sunshine
What do you think? I think these colors will go together well enough ... but we'll see! How many of these many squares you think I'm going to have to make to get a decent size blanket?  Leave your guess below and let me know - because ... I have NO idea.

On that note: I'm ready to get this hooking started! 


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