Saturday, May 14, 2011


Oh-My-Goodness! Can I tell you that I’ve been messing with this blogger set up for 2 days now trying to decide on fonts, backgrounds, layouts, etc – and I’m still not completely satisfied! I’m driving myself nuts – yet I can’t control the urge to try out every option – layout – font – background there is. For now I have to just settle on what I have chosen so far --- at least until tomorrow – when I change my mind again J 

On the other hand – WELCOME to my blog! Yay! Finally set up so I can type, type, type away all my feelings and SOMEONE out there will read them – at least that’s my hope (and fear). Hopefully I don’t say things too ridiculous (which I know I will) and hopefully my over use of exclamation marks and dot dot dots don’t drive you nuts.

Anyway, I’m Patricia – I’m new to this blogging thing. Took me FOREVER just to fill that “about me” space. I don’t know what to say specifically about me – yet. So much goes on in my world some days – and other days nothing is going on. I guess it’s just a typical life – but it’s mine. And I have to love it and live with it. So I hope you follow me along this journey that is filled with MANY peeks and valleys and that we become best virtual friends J

That’s it for Now!


  1. Love your first post! :) Can I be your virtual bestie, since we're already in real life besties?? :)

  2. haha! of course you can! My real life bestie AND my virtual bestie <3 it! Thanks for reading my first blog :)