Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trish Tale #2 -- I'm Not as Smart as I thought I was...

You know – I use to think I was a pretty smart gal. I went to college – got edumacated, I read books, I look at newspapers and sometimes I am able to learn a thing or two. BUT my confidence in my intelligence is fading away and I blame WORDS with Friends. That game is F-ing with my brain – and you want to know why? – WHY I say? Because my friends are all kicking my A$$ in it! I have played many-o-many games and I’ve probably only won one or two (probably only one but I’m trying to make myself feel a little better by saying two) and I’m losing…by A LOT! I need to help! Any Suggestions?! 

Example: What the heck should I do when I get Q, Z, J, P, Y, K, J?!?!?

Sidebar: even though I'm losing I still <3 this game!!

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  1. hahaha, don't feel stupid! It takes a while to get the hang. Try not to leave people open to take double and triple words. And if you get a Q, latch it onto an I (qi is a word, who knew?), Z can be "za" or "zoo", J can be "Jo" or "Joe". You're not dumb!! :)