Friday, May 27, 2011


Today has been ... well ... quite a day! I'm glad that it's nearly over.  It hasn't been "quite a day" in a bad way - just - slightly overwhelming but overall good (if we weigh the good vs. the bad).   Actually - let's do that ... let's weigh the good vs. bad ... you let me know if what you think:

#1:  I hit the office early today because this week has been BUSY! it's National Open House Weekend so I was selling a special deal for the Realtors to advertise their O.H. (open houses).  Gratefully I got a big push from the local Realtor Association and my constant email blasts pulled in a lot of folks. So I spent the past few days selling, putting together the ad material and then doing bills (I had to cave in an accept help with writing my bills -- usually I'm WAY to anal to have anyone else do my work). Today I went in early to wrap up all my paper work and get the ad material in to my creative services person to design the ad. Overall with my sales & my co-workers we ended up with 4.5 full page ads and the sells help me reach my goal (on 2 out of 3 territories).  GOOD THING!

#2: Co-workers "surprised" me with donuts and coffee for my bday. It's not really a surprise because we do the same thing for everyone's bday - but it's still nice to have ppl wish you happy birthday a treat you to some Krispie Kreme (I stuffed myself with TWO donuts and TWO cups of coffee -- because in my heart I'm really a big girl -- and who can say "no" to seconds of Krispie Kreme?).

pretty :)
#3: My friend/co-workers got me flowers for my bday. A very nice surprise. I like getting flowers - what girl doesn't. Do guys like getting flowers? I wonder how my Beau would feel if I sent him some roses...

this will be gone in a day!

#4: my other co-worker bought me jelly belly jelly beans and office supplies - which I'm THRILLED about!  I spent a few months last year being absolutely addicted to jelly belly. I spent so much money at that damn candy store mixing up all the flavors and trying them ALL {note: I HATE the bubble gum flavor and the bubble gum ones  oh and cinnamon - GROSS}. I'm hopping this jar she got me doesn't kick start my addiction again...

#5: I would've liked to spend today after work at a happy hour or doing something with friends to kick off my bday weekend but I decided against that and went with picking up some PHO and a bottle of wine to spend the night in the house with the remote just chill-laxing.  Catch up on all my tv shows, maybe do some reading, maybe even a little bit of facebook games. You know QT time with myself. Everyone needs that time.

I'm having such a good time thinking about the good stuff that I don't even want to mention the bad -- but here's a QUICK run down:

#6: With all my sales I've created SO much work for my graphic designer and my order entry person I feel bad - it's a trickle down effect - what I sell is bound to affect someone else. I kept them busy inputting all my bill onlys and designing the ads all day! And a day before a holiday weekend.  Tsk.
#7: I went to get waxed today (TMI?) it HURT ... but in the long run this could go on the "good" list.
#8: as soon as I come home I smell that AWFUL smell and know that Sammie - the GSD - has had a #3 in her crate (the second day in a row). Thank goodness I didn't have to clean it up {mom took care of that} but walking her and watching her trying to get the rest out - yuck!
#9: While trying to pour myself my glass of wine I see Sammie PUKE up like a gazillon units of ... I don't know what it was but it was brown it it was stanky! ugh. poor pup not feeling well but it's just NASTY to see {luckily I didn't have to clean that up either!}
#10: I miss my Beau.

I mean - that's about even. 5 and 5 but I still count this as a good day! I have my glass of wine beside me, I have my remote right here, my book is over there so I'm going to end this night on a good note. I hope you do the same!


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