Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today feels like it has been completely non-stop! From the time my feet hit the floor this morning (an hour earlier than I wanted -- but Trust Me -- I climbed right back into bed as soon as I realized) to the time I got home and showered after my run - I'm just now getting a chance to BREATHE!  I'm happy that I haven't missed out on the chance to link up for What I'm Loving Wednesday -- because I am loving some things this week!

Saw Bridesmaids this week with my Beau and I LOVED it. I loved the jokes, the characters and the scenarios these ladies were in. It had me doubled over in my chair with some of the jokes. Definitely will have to buy this on DVD and watch on days I need a good laugh.


Today was non-stop at work {which I LOVED} when you work a commission based job you want to be bat-nuts crazy responding to emails and phone calls of people wanting to BUY your product. ah! 
I wish I had more days like this! 

Lastly - I LOVE that it's only Wednesday and my weekly mileage is already 18! Sunday's run was 8.5 miles; Monday's Run was 3.17 miles and today's run was 6.5 miles. I'm so very tired - but I'm feeling proud of myself. This number is only going to get higher and higher as the weeks go by. Can't wait for the sense of accomplishment I'll feel once I'm running 20 miles in just 1 day!

That's it for now!


  1. You are loving some great things today! Hope that your Wednesday was fabulous!