Thursday, June 9, 2011

101 in 1001

Good Thursday Morning to ya!

I finally finished my list of 101 to do in a 1001. I think I have some good things here that I want to accomplish and I'm pretty hopeful I can do them all!

What do you think about my list?

STARTED:  June 9, 2011
FINISHED: March 6, 2014

  1. Figure out what date is 1001 days from now
  2. Run a Marathon
  3. Go zip-lining
  4. Go white water rafting or kayaking
  5. Spend a lazy summer day in a tube drinking beer
  6. Ride a horse
  7. Read a 100 books
  8. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
  9. Make 2 blankets to donate to homeless or women’s shelter
  10. Finish a ½ Marathon in less than 2 hours & 15 minutes
  11. Write a letter to 3 of my closest friends/family to let them know how much they mean to me
  12. Get 101 followers on twitter
  13. Visit 3 different beaches
  14. Get a Massage
  15. Save $1 a day for the next 1001 days
  16. Fly first class
  17. See 5 outdoor movies
  18. Reflect on 5 things I’m happy for
  19. Go see Great Blacks in Wax in Baltimore
  20. Visit 7 museums & monuments in DC
  21. Take a road trip (or bus trip) to NYC
  22. Spend a day at GO APE
  23. Go to Brookside Gardens and take photos
  24. Take a scenic bike ride
  25. Volunteer at a race
  26. Take a pole dancing lesson
  27. Do a Roar & Snore at the Zoo
  28. Get my fortune told
  29. Go out and dance like I’m dumb-dumb-dumb (ke$ha style)
  30. Find 5 quotes I can live my life by {inspiration}
  31. Give $$ to two of the pan-handlers by my job
  32. Have a Sex & The City Marathon
  33. Keep my journal up-to-date with at least one entry a week
  34. Sky Dive
  35. Go Ice Skating
  36. Write down my mission statement
  37. Go To a Book Signing & get an autograph
  38. Write down my accomplishments and BE PROUD
  39. Do a bike race
  40. Frame my photos from London & Paris Trip
  41. Write a poem – and share it with someone
  42. Go to an Ethnic restaurant that I’m scared to try
  43. Go Bowling or Play Bingo with Grandma
  44. Bake fun/kooky batch of cupcakes or cookies
  45. Go on a picnic
  46. Start my Running Scrapbook
  47. See a play
  48. See Winter Lights (aka Christmas lights)
  49. Go to a Flea market
  50. Buy GPS watch I’ve been wanting for YEARS
  51. Spend 5 random days poolside with a good book
  52. Jump off a diving board
  53. Pay off 2 credit card balances
  54. Make two different types of Sangria
  55. Take a White House Tour
  56. Go on a Lunch or Dinner Cruise
  57. Do the electric slide or cha cha slide
  58. Take a Crafty lesson (crochet, knitting, beading, etc)
  59. Spend time doing something on a Roof Top
  60. Have a Will & Grace marathon
  61. Visit a Winery
  62. Enjoy a Beerfest or Wine Festival
  63. Go to the Reef and have TWO (or more) strawberry beers
  64. Have a Christmas movie marathon … in the middle of summer
  65. Do 5 different link-ups
  66. Make a list of 10 things that can always make me happy
  67. Take a writing class
  68. Eat at Ben’s Chili Bowl
  69. Enjoy a pitcher of Sangria w/a friend
  70. Go to a Karaoke Night
  71. Run a race for a cause
  72. Learn how to Knit
  73. Make candles
  74. See a classic movie at AFI
  75. Write down 5 {good} memories
  76. Keep track of Peaks & Pits for 52 weeks
  77. Shoot a Gun
  78. Paint my bathroom
  79. Have a champagne brunch
  80. Go see a roller derby
  81. Learn to cook my FAV dish: macaroni & cheese
  82. Take a trip with my beau
  83. Finish this Darn List!
  84. Have a “classic movie” movie night
  85. Pay for the person after me for parking or coffee
  86. Go to church 5 different times (service/events/etc)
  87. Plant a Tree
  88. Donate something to Toys for Tots
  89. Have a “dirty Shirley”
  90. Catch up on Glee
  91. Go to an art gallery
  92. Go To Vega$
  93. Buy something I’d normally never wear – AND WEAR IT!
  94. Go a whole week w/o playing any FB games
  95. Send 5 cards to my mentee Sarah through-out the year
  96. Go To Charlestown & play slots
  97. Sell Something on
  98. Mend a spoiled relationship
  99. Do a monthly re-cap for 12 months highlighting highs & lows
  100. Compliment 5 strangers
  101. Create another list & do it again!


  1. LOVE it!!! You have some really great things on this list that I am sure you will accomplish in 1001 days :) I'm on my 2nd list now, and my advice to you is to just work at it one day at a time. If something is too challenging, it's ok to change it a little. But it's an awesome feeling when you actually complete something! I can't wait to hear about your adventures with this list :)

  2. Wonderful idea! How many of these points have been achieved? Just missing the expiration date