Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Simple Things

Today I'm going to link up with Jesslyn Amber for The Simple Things.
I saw this link-up last week but I didn't have a chance to do it in time -- so I'm thrilled I get to do it today! I think it's a great idea - and a nice way to think about the stuff you have in your life that matter.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I'm not the most positive person. Especially when it comes to things, events and situations in my life. I'm a "Negative Nancy"  ... a "Debbie Downer" ... a "Party Pooper" man ol' man. I'm all that. And I REALLY need to take a step back and look at the other side of the coin (my coin) and realize that I do have lots of things in my life to be grateful & happy for.

So here the Simple Things I'm Happy for THIS week:

{one} -- FINALLY putting my bike rack on my car ... and ALL BY MYSELF! Last year when I bought the rack the store person put it on my car...and then when I had to do it myself I struggled (my neighbor had to help me) so this year -- on the first try - I got it on. NOW all  I have to do is go and actually get my bike out of storage. But I can't wait to get a few good leisure rides in and see the sights.

{two} ... IT'S SUMMER!!!! My most favorite season. I'm happy it's summer. I can't wait to hit the pool, hit the beach, wear flip flops everyday, where shorts, sunglasses, sunhats -- ALL that stuff!

{three} ... This time next week -- I'll be on vacation! YAY! I can't wait to sit around and do nothing for a week! I just want to watch Maury, eat junk food, and lounge. Also I'll get to spend a few days in Pittsburgh visiting family and doing more lounging and eating there :)
{four} ... I'm greatful to have this blog - and my ... count 'em TWELVE followers! I'm making moves in this world :). Thanks to Jenn for getting my ball rolling :)

{five} ... friends and family who put up with me even on my moodiest of days

{six} ... getting a new day to right yesterday's wrongs <-- don't know if that's something simple but it's on my list!

What are the Simple Things in your life that you're thankful for?



  1. Okay, your vacation plans are the best vacation plans in the world. Seriously. Eat junk food and watch Maury?! Best ever!

  2. Aww, I'm so glad you linked up with me! I found myself being the Debbie Downer too! This just puts things in perspective for me.

    Love your list. I hope you have a blast on vacay!!! :)