Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Simple Things

I still really enjoy the idea of making a list of recognizing and appreciating the simple things in life - so I'm linking up with Jesslyn Amber for another Simple Things

Here are the Simple Things I'm appreciating this week:

Sunshine & Warm Weather - lucky that i'm having beautiful weather on my days off

 Skittles - my fav candy as a kid STILL make me happy

Yarn & Crochet hook - working on a couple projects this week

 Good Books - a great escape from everyday life

DVR - catching up on all my shows this week :)

 Jerry Springer & Maury - wouldn't be a good vacation w/o them! 

 Pinterest - i'm really enjoying this site - follow my boards here 

 Time to Reflect & De-stress - having time this week to get my head together.

What Simple Things are you appreciating this week?


  1. Pshhh, this list is missing ONE glaring thing: ME!!! :)
    See you in a little bit!!

  2. Skittles are so delicious... and I'm not sure I could live without DVR as bad as that sounds. ;)

    I am loving our whole list!! It's full of awesomeness.

    Thank Vou for linking up with me! :)

  3. Skittles are the besstttt :) I love them! And Pinterest is awesome, always has good ideas on it!