Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello! Hello! I can't believe it's only Wednesday! This week is dragging on by. Why can't it be Friday already?! Jeez.  I am ready for the weekend! Anyhoo I'm linking up for What I'm Loving Wednesday! 

I have rediscovered my love for Etsy -- because of  Jenn showing me her options for a new jewelry holder she's thinking of buying.

Here are some items that I discovered this week that I LOVE!

I LOVE these stockings:

Large/ Extra Large sexy BUTTERFLY tattoo tights / stockings full length pantyhose ULTRA PALE
{buy me}

Large/Extra Large sexy MINI and BOOTS peacock FEATHER tattoo tights / stockings / full length / pantyhose / nylons Grey
{buy me}
I would rock these stockings to work...or out to dinner...or around the house - I love them that much. But I'm hesitant to buy them because knowing myself I'd probably put a run in them or tear them as soon as I put them on!

Here's one more pair I love:

PEACOCK FEATHER TATTOO gorgeous thigh-high stockings Light Mocha
{buy me}

I always go to the crochet part of the shop to get ideas of stuff that maybe one day I can learn to make myself ( day...a girl can hope right?!):

These little slippers look cute! I'd try to wear these things to work!

PDF Crochet Pattern for Cute as a Button Ballet Flat House Slippers U.S. women's sizes 5-10
{buy me}

These are little heart shaped bookmarks that I think are WAY to cute. I wouldn't mind trying to make these myself:

Heart Bookmark
{buy me}

This hat is cute - but this baby is cuter!
Baby Boy Button Hat
{buy me .. the hat .. not the baby}

I could spend all day on Etsy. My goal is to one day sell something that I've crafted my self on that site. It may not be fantastical stockings or fancy slippers but I'm sure it'll be something I'm proud off!

Happy Wednesday & I hope the rest of your week FLIES by!



  1. I like the slippers! Make me some! :)

  2. omg the slippers are so stinking cute! and i love those stockings how much fun!

  3. Such cute stuff! I really love those slippers.

  4. I love those stockings! So cute :)