Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hello & Happy Hump Day! I'm linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday! 

First - I have to start with the bad before I get to the good: This week I have been SUFFERING! Omg. I consulted with Dr. Google the other day and discovered that I have a bruised bone in my foot. Each step I took these past few days have been so painful I had to urge to cry and puke with every move. Dr. Google told me to ICE. ELEVATE. and REST. It still hurts a bit today but I think I'll be able to bare the pain today and do a run. I've deduced that I hurt it on Friday's 5.28 mile run in which part of the path I ran was BRICK sidewalk (stupid me -- I KNEW while I was running on it that it was too hard) and the pounding of that damaged something inside my foot. Next time (if I run that path again) I will have to run in the street or in the grass. This bruised foot thing is way to painful to get again.

okay -- now for the good:

I'm LOVING the pictures from my run on Sunday. I have to qualify Sunday as one of my favorite runs -- ever! Despite my hurt foot - I was able to run thru the pain and complete a 12 mile run (it was only suppose to be 11) from the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda down to the Washington Monument and UP Capitol Hill (it's literally a hill) and to Union Station.  I run with a group called the Montgomery County Road Runners and for this run they had a photographer out catching us. Here are my FAV photos:
me on mile ONE - still looking fresh and energized {photo}
ACTION! Photog caught us mid run -- behind the scenes info: we were just leaving the porta-potty! {photo}
This was only mile 4.75 - a mini break and time for blocks & poweraide {photo}
This is not my group & I don't know any of these ppl but this is a cool shot w/the Monument in the background {photo}

THIS is my group - the 10:30s {photo}

Well that's it for now. I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and a GREAT rest of the week!



  1. Look at my buddy Trish, being all runner-y! :) So proud of you. Maybe one day my lazy butt will be able to get up to pace with you! Maybe...

  2. Wow! This makes me motivated to get off my buns and start running. Congrats on your race, what an achievement!