Thursday, July 14, 2011

Am I Krey-Zee?

It's been over a week since I've posted anything on my blog -- anyone miss me? eh. Probably not. I've been feeling more out of my mind than normal this week  --   for many-a-reasons -- I'm not sure how many of those reasons are rational and how many are just plain nutty -- jury's still out on that one so in the meantime I wanted to post about all the other nutjobs that are out there so I can feel a little less crazy. 

{one} This dude here has F$%* Tattooed to his forehead...I mean REALLY really? what makes you get up and want to get this on your forehead: 

{article here} 
And this guy is only 21! He's going to have to go thru the rest of his life with that reminder on his forehead...idiot. 

{two}: I bet you heard about this story on Wednesday. 

Cops: Wife puts severed penis in garbage disposal

Now that's just sick. I don't know how you can get THAT mad at someone to destroy them like that. and then to have the balls to put it in the sink and turn on the garbage disposal. That's just disgusting. You have to be NUTS to do that to someone. 

{three}: Too sad for me to post in detail about but I'm sure you know the story. it takes a PURE, EVIL, LUNATIC nutjob to do this to a child.

{four}: On a lighter (not literally) note: Have you heard about this lady Donna Simpson
{photo & article from here}
Now I don't know if she's classified as Crazy or Genius! But this lady is getting paid 90-100k just to eat! I think I'm going about this whole thing called "life" wrong. She gets paid to eat! I eat. I like to get paid. I too could aspire to be the biggest woman in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! 

See there ARE people out there that are a little more off their rocker than me! That's my rant for now. My next post will be positive, happy and a much lighter mood than this one -- I promise!


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  1. I've missed you!! I just went to reply to your comment you left me and realized you didn't have an e-mail address set up for it, so I'll comment on here :)

    Umm...garbage disposal? Really? NASTYYYYY. And I feel like if I got paid to eat, because it looks like it's for some kind of experiment maybe (?), they better pay me to exercise it all off, too! :-P