Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Simple Things & Dirty Little Secret

Happy Thursday! I'm linking up again for The Simple Things with Jesslyn Amber!

Here are the simple things I appreciate this week:

  Co-workers - coming back to work after a week off is already hard enough but I appreciate coming back to everything being in order and taken care of! Such a relief!
  A Clean Car - my Beau took care of cleaning up "Big Red" it's nice to see a shiny car and to ride in a car that has FINALLY been vacuumed and wiped down.
  The Fan - it's been HOT outside (not complaning) and with my BR on the 3rd floor it's smoking hot. having a fan is mandatory!
  A Happy Pup - it's nice to come home to a tail waggin, excited pup. very cute.
  Master Chef - I enjoy Gordon Ramsey! I can't wait until Hell's Kitchen starts!
 Lemon Blossoms - my mom made me this yummy treat over the weekend. they are just so awesome!
 Unlimited Data Plan - for now! I guess I'll have to finally switch companies when my contract runs out. I should've listen the the Beau awhile ago...
  Strawberry Soda - I love strawberry soda just about the same as I love Taco Bell (which is A LOT).
 Dirty Little Secret Link-Up by Under The Covers - I just came across this today and some of the responses and photos made me laugh.
Today's Q: "What's sexier? Tats or piercings?"
My A: Tats. Definitely Tats. My Beau has a few tats. My fav are the ones on the back of his arms (I wish I had a pic!). He has his first inital tattooed on one arm and the his last inital tattooed on his other arm and it's just HAWT!  I doubt he knows how much I like looking at his tats but they are diffently something I find sexy. Piercings...well that's just gross to me.
That's all for now!


  1. Thanks so much for participating in our meme! We are glad to have you!!

    Hey, don't worry. I would stare too! :P


  2. I definitely agree with tats. My boy has some tattoos as well and it's hot! Ironically, I don't have any.

  3. My hubby has a few himself,,and i love them,,,

  4. I'd agree with the tats. My hubby doesn't have any but tats would be way sexier than piercings if he decided to do one of them!

  5. Oh, Taco Bell...the beefy melt burrito holds a special place in my heart.

  6. i like me a good tattooed fella myself.

  7. Agree with the tats. They are hawt...when they are in the right place.

  8. I'm totally into hot tattoos! I got my man a tattoo of his last across the back of his shoulders in Old English lettering one year for his b-day. He loves it!

  9. That was supposed to say last name LOL!

  10. Getting back to you from my help post that you commented on. I really think it's the internet explorer because I'm opposite you. I can't do it at home, but I get to my work and it works. Maybe if I google a solution or something. IDK cause I can't just rely on commenting at work where I not supposed to. (And doing now) Hopefully I can figure out something

  11. We are some tat lovin' ladies :)

    Here is my DLS

  12. That's a great Simple Things list!! And yes, I completely agree with you, I dig the tats also!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. Oh I totally agree with you on the tat's.. my husband had a tongue ring when we first were dating and I was so scared to kiss him.. I guess I was afraid I was going to be attacked by the piercing-- thankfully the hole closed up when he took it out... extra holes are a turn off, especially the enlarged ear holes I see people trying to make BIGGER!! I hate my earlobes as it is and having flappy lopes with holes would be embarrassing ... but that's just me--- -and yes, you NEED TO GO see Bridesmaids-- even if you have to go by yourself!!! I'm gonna make #35 of your followers.. yay!

  14. Total blonde moment, I thought I read that you hadn't seen Bridesmaids, scratch that on my last comment...

  15. Ahh I love a clean, fresh car too! A Yankee Candle air freshener puts it over the edge! Makes morning traffic a bit better :)