Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Simple Things

It's Thursday -- so of couse I'm linking up with Jesslyn Amber for The Simple Things

I'm taking this moment - putting aside all the things that have been bothering me today, yesterday, the day before yesterday ... so on and so forth. Here are the simple things in life that have made me smile:
a cup of coffee and a good book - perfection! 

Each day is a new day and another chance to right yesterday's wrongs.

*yawn* this can warm any cold heart -- even mine! 

this picture just makes me smile. this lil guy/gal is toooooo cute & happy looking. i <3 him (or her)

I get these cookies from a shop in Bethesda - they always perk up my mood. 

nerdy nerdy - i love it! 

i need to journal more. when i write down my feelings it makes a huge difference in my attitude and perception
Let's forget the hustle and bustle.
Let's put away our troubles and worries.
Let's be thankful for our life.
And the simple things.
from Jesslyn Amber's blog

{all photos from this post are from here}



  1. Thanks so much for commenting! I love Clue!!! What other games does your family play together?

    Your quote in this post about every day being a new day reminds me of Anne of Green Gables "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it."

  2. I love the little pictures of the cardboard robot guy (cant remember his name). Glad you've found some happy things to focus on! :)