Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Running Re-Cap

Good Monday to Ya!

Did you have a good weekend? Are you sitting in front of your computer right now trying to avoid doing work, or running errands? Is your brain still mush from the weekend?

It's Monday - so I have lots to do: write bills, prospect for new clients, put together ads for this week's paper, proof ads ... etc. But before I get to that I was wondering if I could take a moment to boast. I accomplished something I've never done before yesterday and I'm SOO proud of myself.

I, Patricia, Ran 16 miles!

I have never ran more than 13.1 miles. So running 16 is a big accomplishment for me {granted...I'm training for a marathon so I will eventually have to get up to 26.2 miles}

This is the map from my run via my Garmin -- cool right?

Sunday's Run was quite nice. We started at the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda and ran to Union Station, via Haines Point.
This is what part of CCT looks like {via}

picture of Haines Point

The weather wasn't THAT bad. We meet early in the morning (6:30am) to try to avoid the pounding summer sun (especially since it's been 95+ degrees here lately).  I did have to consume a lot A LOT of water. I don't think I've EVER had that much water in one run...ever!

Around mile 7 a wonderful SAINT was out there (from another running club is what I deduced) with popcicles, water (COLD), pretzels, chips ... HEAVEN. I haven't seen that many people (including myself) enjoy a popcicle that early in the morning.

In Hains Point there were sprinklers just spitting out glorious water.  Some people were drinking it (not I) until they realized the water was coming directly from the Potomac River (gross!). I got pelted in the ear a lot of times because those dang sprinkers were shooting at head height. It was worth it though. By the end of the run I didn't know if I was soaking my clothes with water or sweat. I'm sure it was 80% one and 20% the other. You can guess which.

I like that on the run we get to past the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument and go through the DC Waterfront and along side the Potomac River. It's nice to take in the sites and take a moment to appreciate how pretty DC is.

The Runner's High and sense of accomplishment I felt when I finished.

My legs screaming at me!!! We stopped to take a couple walking water breaks and the straight DREAD of starting to run after a quick stop. PAIN! I won't mention the pain I felt in my toes. Those suckers were hurting too!

Sitting in Union Station SOAKED to the bone with sweat and water. I wont even mention the smell...but just imagine what you would smell like after running 16 miles.

Sitting on the Metro...SOAKED to the bone with sweat and water AND the AC was pumping. I was sitting there freezing and trying not to fall asleep.

Trying to walk around today is a B*&^%. I'm so sore. I will try to avoid walking, stairs and all movement in general!

Overall, the good outweighs the bad. And I'm proud of myself.
Thanks for letting my BOAST :)


MARATHON COUNTDOWN:  81 days away!


  1. CONGRATS on running 16!!! I would love to be able to run by the monuments in DC..what a fun sight to run by. I think the good definitely outweighs the bad, though :) Good for you!!

  2. A-MAZING! I'm so impressed! The farthest I've ever run is 13.1 miles too!