Monday, August 8, 2011

Bee Sting & Half Marathon {Wknd Running Re-Cap}

Good Monday to Ya! Did you have a good weekend? Are you suffering from a case of the Mondays?!

Let me tell you about this weekend - I kicked off my Friday with a what I THOUGHT would be a nice leisurely 3-4 mile walk/run with Sammie (the GSD). We get to mile 2 when we stopped to walk for a little bit. All of a sudden I felt a STING in the back of my leg - I look down and see a bee hovering around the spot. Bastard Bee got me right in the back of my leg. Now, let me tell you - in my 28 years of being on this planet I have NEVER been stung by a bee...NEVER. So they hypochondriac in me started panicking.
My thoughts go from

"Oh my God. I'm going to die!"

"Nobody knows where I am...I'm going to be spread out on the side of the road and nobody will know what happened"

"is my tongue swelling?"

"What's this chest pain?! My heart is stopping!"

Seriously. I have problems.
The next day I stayed in bed almost all day but at the end of the night I noticed my ankle felt like it was swelling.  I asked my mom about 100 times if that was normal. She responded with "if you start acting crazier than normal than we'll take you to the hospital".

So Sunday. I get up. It hurts to walk and my leg is on FIRE but I had a Half Marathon to get to.
I "ran" Riley's Rumble on Sunday. It was just a practice race. I know it sounds funny "a practice half marathon" but it was. My group advised us to take it easy. Practice or Pre-Night race routine and our Pre-Morning race routine, to test our pace, to test to see if we run with water belts if we like it, etc. It wasn't a serious race. I haven't even looked up my official race times yet ... which I would've the MOMENT I got home from other races.
I have to say I'm glad I didn't RACE this race. This was one B*#$^ of a race. Dang thing was HILLY and it was HUMID and it was...hard.
Look at my elevation map from this race:

from my garmin

This has more UPs & DOWNS then my mood! According to my Garmin I finished the race in about 2 hours & 26 minutes (which is about 10-13 minutes slower than my other Half Marathon Races).

After the race I can see my ankle is swelling even more than Friday and Saturday from the bee sting spot. So I go ask my mom for the umpteenth time "is this normal?".  We decide to go to the minute clinic to see if they could give me something for the itching and swelling but one look on the person's face...the way my leg look wasn't normal. So they sent us to Urgent Care.  I'm sitting in urgent care like:

"Oh, God. I've got Gangrene" 

"what if they have to amputate my leg"

Let me tell you, the back of my leg was visibly imflammed. It was so red and swollen it looked disgusting.
Turns out (per the Dr at the Urgent Care) that Bees are dirty and since they go from flower to flower and to wherever else they go in a day when the bugger stung me he left me with an infection. So for the next 7 days I'm on 3 types of meds. yay me.

Bastard Bee

Anyway. That's my story for the weekend. I hope yours was MUCH better than mine.
My advice for this week: Avoid bees



  1. Even tho you told me this story earlier today, it still sucks reading it again. I feel for you! Bee stings suck in general and then to have the added complication of an infection??
    But, I must say, my hat goes off to you for running the half anyway! You're a strong woman, and I reeeeeally mean that!

  2. gah!!! I hate bees! I've never been stung either and this makes me even more nervous!!!! I'm sorry!

    p.s. be looking for a blog shout out in my post tomorrow :)

  3. i am so scared of bees i run away screaming! lol!! ive never been stung either... but my poor puppy got stung this weekend it was so sad poor guy! i will deff be taking your advice !! avoid bees!

  4. I am allergic to bee stings, I swell up and scare the heck out of kids sitting in the ER room. I have to be attending to with the first 4hours or it become fatal for me. Little Bastards, But check this out, I own a small bee farm. LOL. RIGHT!!! this was before I found out i was allergic to them.