Thursday, September 8, 2011

It's Okay!

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...that this is my second post for today - I couldn't choose between this or Booking Through Thursday - so I picked them both! 

...that I'm being completely bi-polar when it comes to my current crochet project. One minute I LOVE it --- the next I can't decide if I even want to finish it.

...that I went on a rant on yesterday's WILW post. Thanks everybody for all the well wishes!
 Everyone needs a bitchfest every now & again. skip ahead in my current read (The Devil in the White City) and just focus on all the serial killer parts.  That doesn't make me crazy -- does it?! watch Teen Mom & enjoy it :) pin food on Pinterest that you KNOW you'll never make. tell people to leave you alone when you don't feel like being bothered.

...that I JUST NOW decided I should probably give up soda while I'm training for my marathon. kick ass in some Words with Friends games ... and then turn around and lose miserably. suffer through some heartburn after having a nutritious and delicious breakfast from 7-11 be awesome.



  1. i just finished Devil in the White City! You're going to love it Trish! ps cute blog!

  2. I always pin food I know I will never ever make ... but sometimes it just looks too yummy NOT to pin! :-)

  3. I always Pin food I know I will never, ever make - but sometimes it just look to yummy NOT to pin! :-)

  4. 1)I love Teen Mom too
    2)I think being bipolar about a project is ok (in other circumstances, which you know all too well about with me, I would disagree)
    3)You spanked me in Words! lol

  5. Soda and marathons do not really track coach made us quit in High school and I have not touched it since!

  6. I don't really drink much soda, but cookies and I have this weird relationship. It's okay, though, right?

  7. Teen Mom is amazing. And there's no shame in watching it! And Words With Friends will be the death of me. That game gets me so mad sometimes. Especially when my friends cheat! :)

  8. LOL, that's why I love pinterest! It's where my cupcake porn comes in. mmmmm!

  9. heartburn is the worst. love the color and vibe of your blog, it feels "dreamy" :) lol.