Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Thanks for stopping by today! Are you ready?
Here you go -- my two FAVORITE Wednesday Link-ups:

Link-up w/Michelle - HERE

Link-up w/Jamie - HERE
I'm LOVING that it's Wednesday ... already! Feels like I was just doing last week's WILW/Pinteresting post yesterday! Next thing you know ... it'll be Friday! yay! 

I'm LOVING that my little sister wants money for her bday. Money so she can start her own she can make she can buy her own laptop and cell phone.  SERIOUSLY that's what she told me. Then she followed it up with this: "You have to spend a little money to make money."  REALLY?! Homegirl is 9 years old! Man, I heart her. 

I'm LOVING that my other little sister (who requested a hamster and a light saber for her 6th bday) refused to talk to me on the phone...until I hit her with this line "You can't have your birthday present until you talk to me" <--I'm a good big sister in that way.  Needless to say - she got on the phone and had a conversation with me! She's like 50 First Dates. I always have to make friends with her - everyday!

I'm LOVING the Maury show - I've been recording it every day! I <3 the DNA drama.

And as always...I'm LOVING the Pinterest. Lots of good stuff on there this week.
Here are my favorites:

Dipped Apples. YUM! {via}

Bahhhaha! {via}

For Realz! {via}

Yes it is! {via}

I don't have kids - but I love this bib! Too cute & Funny. {via} 
The little black bar cracks me up! {via}
OMG - DYING - too funny {via}
I laughed so hard I snorted! {via}
What are you LOVING & PINNING this week?



  1. Ahhh so many great pins! I love the bib and the mug-- both hilarious!!

  2. Great pins! You are a good big sister! I love the bib. I want a bib like that for my son. *LOL*

  3. hahaha, you have some awesome pins! Love the dipped apples, and the stripping banana! I might have to try making my cookies with some "vaginal" extract next time if it makes THAT MUCH of a difference lol.
    PS, your sisters are hilarious. I think some of you is in them judging by the things that come out of their mouths haha

  4. I think I need to buy that bib for the future. The very distant future, but my future child will definitely be rocking that bib!

  5. bahahaha i always love your pins! we have the same sense of humor :)

  6. OMG!! That auto correct is EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am dying of laughter

  7. Can I tell you that Maury is my secret guilty pleasure? I watch it during my daughter's nap time nearly every day!

  8. OMG the vaginal extract one BAHAHAHAHAHA

    I love the hooking for yarn :)

  9. bla hahaha the phone convo is awesome/ great pins!

  10. Reading is definitely sexy! And that banana is so cute and funny! He makes me laugh :)

  11. Reading is most definitely sexy. And that little banana is so cute and funny! He makes me laugh! Happy Wednesday! :)

  12. your sister sounds too smart! I wish her well :)
    happy Wednesday!

  13. good things I've never seen the missing unicorn. Lol that you are loving the Maury show. Love this post every week.

  14. Thank you for a good afternoon laugh. Especially that iphone convo. Wow. Auto-correct can really be bad sometimes!

  15. Chocolate dipped apples?! My husband would love those! Thanks for sharing :)

    -Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

  16. Your little sister is quite the business woman! Go girl!

  17. I love that bib. Hilarious! What a smart little sister you have - I see a CEO in her future =).

  18. lol that bib! One of my cousins just had a baby, and I SO want to get that for him, haha