Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Virtual Coffee

Good Morning!

I think it's time we took a coffee break and do a little catching up.

Link-up with Lucky Number 13 - HERE
I'll start with a LARGE hazelnut coffee with 3 creams and 4 splenda.
I like my coffee sweet.

If we were really meeting up for coffee today:
I'd warn you -  I'm in NEED of this coffee today.
I'm suffering from a tension headache (almost feels like a migrane but not that bad...yet).
And I'm not feeling too hot.
I'm sooo tired and it's not even Noon.

If we were really meeting up for coffee today:
I'd tell you how yesterday I was being & acting like a complete monster to my Beau.
I flipped out on him and lost my cool and despite that
he still wanted to hang out with me.
He made me laugh, made me feel comfortable, ate junk food & candy with me
and we watched movies. I needed that. 
It's nice to know someone can see past my bratty/bitchy behavior and still
want to make me feel better.

If we were really meeting up for coffee today:
I would tell you how much I miss my girlfriends & girl time. 
Everyone needs that time to hang with the girls.
Talk (gossip) girl talk.
and do those girl things.

If we were really meeting up for coffee today:
I would annouce that today is the day that I'm
giving my co-worker the gift I made her and I would confess to you
that I kinda wish I did a better job on it - but oh well. hopefully she'll like it anyway.

{made by me}

If we were really meeting up for coffee today:
I say - I need to get back to work! I have reports to do.
and ads to approve.
and stuff to sell.
Gotta get busy!

If we were really meeting up for coffee today ... what would you share with me?

{I SO wish I was this cookie}



  1. Great blanket!! You really have a gift for crocheting, I wish I could crochet that well! I love that cookie in the coffee pic, I saw that on Pinterest :)

    I posted a coffee link up today, too! Hope you have a lovely day after your yummy hazelnut coffee, and I hope your headache goes away--tension ones are the worse!

  2. I'd share with you:

    1. I want girl time too!!!
    2. Of course we'd talk all about books.
    3. I'd ask you to teach me how to crochet. I've started trying- it's hard!!!

    I hope you're having a better day today.

  3. I miss girlfriend time (with you) too! Altho gchat time kinda counts, right?? :) Love ya!

  4. Aw, what a sweet beau you have. I need girl time too. But I don't get along with all girls. Has to be girls that understand me.

  5. There is nothing like a hefty shot of caffeine for a tension headache so I would say - go for it! Girl time is so important - I've got some scheduled for this Friday night and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will happen despite the odds that it may not. It sounds like your beau is a keeper. But we ALL have those b*tchy moments and if he loves you he lets them slide as I am sure you let slide some of his less finer moments. Being in a relationship is a give and take. And if both parties remember that on a regular basis, then you are golden.

  6. I like that 'If we were meeting up for coffee today'. I would tell you that if the meeting place don't serve Hot Cocoa pick another spot, I don't drink coffee. lol.
    blanket looks nice, how is that other crochet project turning out. i think it was stars or some shape?