Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm {NOT} Loving & Oh, How Pinteresting Wednesday

I'm a grump today and I'm not LOVING a lot of things this Wednesday.
I feel like having a bitchfest and complain about the things that I'm NOT LOVING
{Well - I'm loving like one thing...which I'll save to the end of this post -- can you guess what it is?!}

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I'm NOT LOVING that I'm being moody-mc-moodster today, and yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that!

I'm NOT LOVING the cold weather 
(I would also complain about the rain--but not today b/c of the dry weather & fires in Texas)

I'm NOT LOVING the rando-ass dreams I've been having lately 
Dreams including pandas & hamsters & other bizarre stuff.

I'm NOT LOVING the definitions/meanings of these rando-dreams!

I'm NOT LOVING that I'm having more body/self-esteem issues now that I'm 28 then when I was a teenager!

I'm NOT LOVING that my skin is looking like it's a teenager again -- and NOT in a good young/fresh way! I'm talking PIMPLES.

I'm NOT LOVING that LIKE AN IDIOT I got lost on my Sunday run (I fell so far behind my group that I didn't know which direction they went in). I ended up putting in 2 extra miles trying to figure out how to get to a Metro so I could get to my I could get in it and cry like a big baby! It was such a bad feeling. (I ended up putting in 20.5 miles on a 18 mile day).

I'm NOT LOVING that I'm doubting my ability to do this marathon in October. This marathon training is by far the hardest thing I've done in a long time. It's a mental-F as well as torture on my body.

I'm NOT LOVING that I could name like 50+ other things I'm not loving this week!


I AM LOVING Oh, How Pinteresting, Wednesday
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Here are SOME of my favorite pins this week.
You can check out all my pins HERE.

I'm having a new obsession with doormats {via}
This made me LOL {via}

Story of my life {via}

I need this posted somewhere in my life {via}

Pretty Pretty Pink {via}

Definitely {via}
I'm 28. I still feel this way {via}

Ok. I hope you're having a good Wednesday!


  1. Hang in there, Trish...we all have rough weeks (Um,I'm case and point to that fact) and it WILL get better. The weather is definitely not helping to bring your mood out of the gutter.I'm here for ya! Always! :)

  2. Ha! Great pins! I can feel one of those days coming on too. I'm ten years older than you and I still get pimples. They lied when they told us when we were teens that they'd go away!

  3. great pins:) Sorry the rough week. hang in there girl:)

  4. I love your pins this week! I'm sorry you're not having the best Wednesday! Its still early, I hope it gets better!!

  5. Haha I love the 3 am one :) Hope your mood improves!

  6. love the pins!
    hope your day gets brighter!

  7. Those pins are hilarious!
    I hope your day gets better

  8. I'm also in a really bad mood today so I feel ya there. I'm planning on leaving early just so I can go home and veg/relax. Hope your day turns out better!

  9. Throughout my teen years, I had perfect skin. No acne, not even the slightest blemish, graced my face regardless of what I ate--and I did not eat too well, either! Now at 24 years old, I have acne all the time. It's horrible!

  10. My favorite pin is the ladybug...I want it on my wall!! Did your day get better?

  11. Great pins! I love the Albert Einstein quote especially. Sorry you are having a rough week. I hope it looks up for you soon.

  12. Love your pins. Hope your mood improves and you are not alone. I do not know what is going on with my face. I thought I outgrew these pimples.

  13. love that door mat! and I hope you have a better day tomorrow! I'm super impressed you're trying a marathon! keep going girl :)

  14. Loved your pins! We have a whole heap of book loves in common so I just had to add you. I know we'll get on fine :)

  15. great pins! I've seen that door mat before and think it's adorable! Hope your week gets better :)

  16. OMG I looooooooooooooooove the Dear God one. SO true.