Monday, October 24, 2011

Blooming Flower Cushion

Hello Hello!

I must say - having this blog has helped me get (and keep) my creative juices flowing. I've been working and completing sooo many project since I started this blog.

I get excited knowing that I can make something and then show it off here (and it really helps my ego when you leave me comments telling me how fantastic my project is :)).

I just slipped stitched my way to a finished Blooming Flower Cushion/Pillow.
Are you ready to see it?
OMG - I'm so excited to show you (I'm bouncing up & down in my seat -- like a kid about to get candy).

Let me introduce you to my ...

Now, I have to give credit - when credit is due.
I followed Lucy's LOVELY and VERY EASY to follow tutorial which you can find HERE.

Lucy's blog is a-ma-zing. She makes so many great things. Everything she makes...I kindasortamaybe want to copy and make too.

Here's how MY baby grew:

I then repeated the 6 colors 3 time each until I had 30 petals.

Then I made a back for the cushion:

Back & Front side by side:

Then I stuffed it:


My very own Blooming Flower Cushion:

 What do you think?!

It was really easy to make! Head over to Lucy's blog, print the tutorial (but keep in mind it's in UK crochet terms) and get hooking!


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