Monday, October 31, 2011



Hello Friends!

Do you have your costume and your pillow cases ready to go for some Trick-or-Treating tonight?
Yea .. me either.
I'm still debating if I want to go buy some candy to give out to the ghosts and goblins that may knock on my door tonight.
Truth be told: I'm terrified of the kids in my neighborhood on a regular Monday night. Don't need them knocking on my door threatening me with tricks if I don't give them any candy!
I'll go buy some candy after work today.
We'll see what happens! If there's no new post from me on Tuesday that means I'm probably tied up and being tourtured somewhere for a reeses peanut butter cup!

Anyhoo -
Feel free to send me some candy - Snickers, Smarties, Skittles anything except those nasty ass Mary Jane Candies :)

What are your plans for tonight?
Are you getting all dressed up?
Are you giving out candy?



  1. No dressing up for me - just handing out candy to the little kids. I especially love the little ones - they're always so cute. :)

  2. hjahahah about being tied up--I hope you wont be, tho--if so, I'll come looking for you! :)

  3. Hehehe! Happy Halloween! I hope to take my son out to a few houses tonight. He's not feeling that great today, though. At least we'll watch the kids as they come to our door. We got 125 kids last year before we ran out of candy!

  4. Lol- I hope you'll be okay after the trick or treaters come knocking. If by dressing up you mean putting on a witch hat with regular clothes - then yup - I'll be dressed up!