Thursday, November 3, 2011

Book Festival - I WENT & I LIKED!

One thing I like about my job is that I get an opportunity to go to events I don't/wouldn't normally go to and
last night I found myself at the Jewish Community Center in Rockville Maryland for their 42nd Annual Book festival.  ME -- PATRICIA @ the JCC -- Can you imagine?! Yea. Maybe it isn't THAT strange but I was a little tickled when I walked into the room.

Last night was the Musical Kick-Off/Kick Off Reception to the week long book fair.
The Guest: Charles Fox.

Have you heard of him?
eh. I bet you don't know the name BUT read these titles and tell me if any of them sound familiar:
-Killing Me Softly
-Love, American Style (theme song)
-The Love Boat (theme song)
-Wide World of Sports (theme song)
-Monday Night Football (theme song)
-Happy Days (theme song)
-Laverne & Shirley (theme song)
-Wonder Woman (theme song)

Charles Fox is a composer and arranger for television and film and he put on a GREAT 'lecture' last night at the JCC.  

He came out onto the stage, sat behind his piano and immediately started playing some of his compositions from his early career and the theme songs and compositions from the films and tv songs he arranged.
Between the songs he would tell background stories behind the songs and talked about the people that he worked with and that made a impact in his life (particularly his teacher in Paris who had a huge influence over his life & career).

I found myself laughing, tapping my foot and singing along as he went through his lecture. I had a REALLY good time.  More so than I thought I would.

Now I have to admit: HALF of the shows...Ok...OK more than half of the shows and movies he's composed I've never SEEN but I at least knew the theme song (yup - I've never seen Laverne & Shirley, or Happy Days or Wonder Woman...Don't Judge me okay?!).

He was there to promote this book:
Killing Me Softly; My Life in Music published in 2010 with forward by Roberta Flack (who sang Killing Me Softly - which was a HUGE hit).

I have to say that - I hope the book is as witty and entertaining as Charles Fox is in person! Because if it is then I'm sure it's an incredible read!

Well I could go on & on -- but I need to get to work!

What is your favorite tv theme song?

Are you singing any of the ones I've listed above?
{I'm currently singing THE LOOOOVEEE BOAT!!! -- mainly because that's the the only one I know the words to AND because Charles Fox's story about presenting the song to Aaron Spellman was my favorite of the night -- which I'll post about later}


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  1. I always loved the Punky Brewster theme song! And My Little Pony. :P