Friday, November 18, 2011

Follow Friday ::: Dear Santa ... I can explain!!

Gooood Friday to you!
I'm still blogging from St. Louis enjoying my vacation and family.
I only have a couple minutes to post today because I'm about to go and spend the day with my Dad. :)

So, let's link up with Parajunkee & Alison:
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Q: Letter to Santa: Tell Santa what books you want for Christmas!

oh, I LOVE this question because I ALWAYS ask Mommy-Claus and Family-Claus to get me books for Christmas.

On my wish list this year:
I've been dying to re-read this {via}
This looks so interesting! {via}
Just love this cover {via}
Been eyeing this one for awhile now {via}
If "Santa" REALLY loves me. She'll get me this :)
Okay - That's all for now!
What's on your wishlist for this holiday season!
Please share -- you know...just-in-case I want/NEED to add the same to mine!



  1. Insurgent is on my wish list!! I can't wait. The Paris Wife is a good choice as well.

  2. Hopping through. I'd like to re-read Ender's Game too. Enjoy St. Louis!
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  3. I really liked The Paris Wife. I hope Santa brings you a copy this year!

  4. Anna Dressed in Blood is a must. Its soooooo good! And even though Insurgent won't be out at Christmas, a girl can dream, right? That's why its at the top of my list too.


  5. Nice list.

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  6. I have Creepy Cute Crochet! It is an awesome book!! Sadly, I haven't gotten my act together to make anything from it, and I've had it for a couple of years :'( Hmm, maybe I can make something for my niece this Christmas . . .

    Sorry, totally got off on a strange bunny trail ^_~ Love the list and the choices! Coming from a reading family and marrying into a reading family, "Santa" usually blesses me with lots of books for Christmas!! Sadly, my TBR pile is just monstrous!

    Anyways . . .

    Here's my answer:

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    sinn @ sinnful books

  7. I follow you here! happy friday! :)

    Stop by my blog and follow me back?! :) I'm hosting a cover craze today! :)

  8. ender's game!! amazing!

    I follow you here! happy friday! :)

    Stop by my blog and follow me back?! :) I'm hosting a cover craze today! :)

  9. I'm dying to read Ender's Game! It's supposed to be amazing! Hope you get these soon! :)

    Anna @ Literary Exploration

  10. The Paris Wife looks so good! And I still have to read Divergent, but it's on my Christmas list! Happy Friday!

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  11. great picks!! thanks for following us at have a great weekend!!!

  12. Hey Trish - I hope you're enjoying your holiday and spending tons of time with your family!

    Anna Dressed In Blood is definitely a great choice and Insurgent is definitely on my wishlist!

    Thank you for stopping by my corner of the blogosphere. :)

    Shelagh (New Follower)
    The Word Fiend

  13. Great picks! Hope Mommy-Claus and Family-Claus are good to you!!

    ♥ Melissa @ Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

  14. I think everybody is wishing for Insurgent this year! I have never read Ender's Game, but I'm doing a sci-fi reading challenge next year and I'm hoping to get to a lot of older books that I missed.

    I'm a new follower. And you can't possibly be closer to 30ish than I am (it's only a few months away now and I'm starting to get scared)!

    Happy Friday!

  15. good Good GOOD picks! I love to see some classic sci-fi!
    And I really want to read Anna Dressed In Blood :)

  16. I love these choices! I just recently got Divergent! :) I hope "Santa" grants you your wishes! :) Old follower!!
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    ♥- Roxy

  17. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I loved Anna Dressed in Blood! And I'm excited for Insurgent to see what happens next :)

  18. oOoh I can't wait for Insurgent!!! :D Anna was also a lot of fun! Great list!

    Xpresso Reads

  19. New Follower!

    I really hope Santa grants you your wish!

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  20. Your blog looks awesome! I'm a new follower.
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  21. Awesome list! I chose Anna Dressed in Blood too. :) And I really want to read Insurgent. I hope Santa grants your wish!

    Have a great weekend!

    Pam | jellylovesbooks

  22. I've gone back and forth about The Paris Wife and I'm not sure why. I wanted it for soooo long. I hope Santa sends it your way so you can tell me about it.

  23. oh! Meet me in the LOU!! that was my family reunion spot a few years ago. I have my uncle and aunt with cousins living there. Hope you have a great time. now about those books. you are being nice cuz my list would of been naughtyling )my word) long.