Monday, November 14, 2011

Handmade Holiday - What Should I Do?!

As you know by now I'm making pillows for holiday gifts for my family.
I'm about 80% done with my second set which I hope to finish sometime this week.

I've been thinking {debating really} if I should make some small handmade gifts for my co-workers/friends.

I was thinking wine covers like this:
But I'm having a hard time finding a "cute" pattern.
I'm sure I can make one up but I'm not sure how long that would take. 
And if I feel like putting in that effort.

Then I thought of perhaps making something smaller - easier - like this:
But after you're done with the wine bottle -- that wine hat and scarf becomes pointless. Right?

So now I'm thinking -- maybe I'll make some of these:
and I can stuff them with candy and/or mini liquor bottles. 
But I'm not completely sold on that idea.

As I type this I'm thinking maybe I'll just make some ornaments:

Those are cute -- right?

I don't know what to do! 
What do you think I should do?
Should I make wine covers?
Should I make the stockings?
Should I make the ornaments?
Should I just not worry about making anything and just stick to what I'm making for my family?

Help me decide!



  1. I like the wine bottle covers. People can re-use them all year round, and they dont have to be in holiday colors (that way you really COULD use them all year round). I think the one in the pic is cute, with the little flower!

  2. I think the 1st star ornament would make a nice little gift attached to a card. :)

  3. I'm sort of in love with the ornaments (both kinds)!

  4. The mini stockings are a really cute idea, but you could always add a ribbon to the top so it can be used as an ornament once they're done with the airplane liquor/candy/whatever you stuff in there.

    If you'd rather keep it more simple, though, a basic ornament like that first blue-greeny one would be very sweet with a card and maybe a candy cane. :)