Monday, November 21, 2011

The interesting people and things you see when travelling...

Hi all! I'm Jenn, from the blog Going the Distance, and I'm guest posting for Trish while she makes her way back to DC from St. Louis!

I've talked to her while she's been gone and it seems like she's had a really nice trip visiting her family, especially her little sisters.

Given that she has been travelling, and I just got back from a conference in San Diego myself, I thought it would be a fun topic to share the interesting people and things that I've encountered while travelling. Some of them horrifying, awkward or hilarious, and some that just leave you scratching your head, wondering "What the h*ll??" After doing long distance for two years with my ex, I had a plethora of experiences to pull from, but for this case, I'll just share some from this past week (and there were plenty!)

Let's get to it!

One of the people I encountered while travelling last week was a lady whose shirt looked very similar to the bag the people are carrying in this picture:
And, sadly, this is a picture of people who were actually AT the conference that I was at last week
The bag is from Super Duper Publications which is a pretty well known company when you're in the world of Speech Pathology and schools (like I am). But, the bag is also HIDEOUS. It has every color you can imagine on it, all combined in one extremely gaudy place. The lady I encountered (who did not work for this company) had a shirt with small (about 2-3inch) squares all over her shirt, each with all of those colors within it. It looked like a box of crayons had exploded onto her shirt. Perhaps Super Duper should have looked into hiring her as their mascot for the conference. She would have fit right in!

The next was the lady who decided to wear leggings as pants to the conference. Keep in mind, most people there were dressed in business casual. Well, this girl apparently missed the memo that leggings are see-through and you should probably wear something over them (like a sweater dress, skirt, etc) that people can't see your zebra patterned underwear through them. Ladies, this is NOT a good look. If you want to do this, just wear your underwear and nothing else, because that's essentially what we're all seeing anyway!
<---this was not the lady, however you can imagine zebra underwear in this picture and you would have the general idea.

Then there are the individuals you encounter in public bathrooms, specifically at the airport. WHY is it that people seem to lose all social graces in these places? There's always a line (at least in the Women's), half the people don't flush the toilet (and are usually the ones who really should have) and/or don't wash their hands. People rush to get out of the bathroom (which I can't blame them for) paying no mind to others trying to do the same, and usually it does not have a very pleasant odor. I felt like I was doing the sketched out hokey pokey yesterday when I tried to get into and out of the bathroom at the airport!

The last one I will talk about is the person who dresses so that it is VERY obvious where they are from. And, in my experience, it is usually Texas. I have NO problem with people from Texas, so don't get upset if you're from there, BUT you all know what I'm talking about. The man or woman who rolls into an airport (or any other public area) sporting their authentic cowboy hat, a suede jacket with fringe on it, cowboy boots, and for the ladies--big hair with some form of hair accessory, like a ribbon, in it. I saw a man and a woman, on separate occasions, who fit this exact description this weekend. Realistically, I have no problem with people dressing the way they want and are comfortable. I'm just saying that full on get-ups like this make me laugh....and I bet they make you laugh too (unless you're one of the people who wears them.. in which case, oopsie!) hehe

Obviously this only scratches the surface in terms of the things that you encounter while travelling, but I thought I would share some of the highlights of who and what I saw while I was gone. And, I'll secretly hope that Trish encounters some of those interesting folk on her trip back from the midwest to DC today. Maybe she'll share some of her tales with us! :)

In the meantime, I hope you all have a great start to the week, and get yourselves prepared for lots of eating at the end of the week! Hope to see you stop by my blog!

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  1. Lol - this guest post had me dying. Leggings I like - but I wish people knew there are situations when it's not appropriate to wear them!