Monday, November 7, 2011

Musing Mondays ::: Read to Learn

This week's musing asks ...
Other than for school, do you read books to learn how to do something? What was/were the topic(s)?

Read to learn?! HA! That's hogwash!
The only thing I'm learning is that vampires, werewolves and other supernatural beings exist.


There's one topic that I do pick up books to learn about -- and that's crocheting.
I learned how to crochet from reading books - and re-reading and re-reading the patterns and techinques until I got it. 

I used this book a lot:


and I've made tons of squares that required different types of stitches. I actually made a blanket in which every square was different {via patterns in this book}.  I wish I had a picture of the blanket to show you! Take my word for it - the blanket is A-MAY-ZING!

When I'm having trouble with a stitch nowadays I'll still refer to this book (in the back of the book it has tips and shows you with pretty pretty pictures what to do).

Anyhoo! That's all for today!
Tomorrow I'm posting about my current crochet project -- PILLOWS!
I'll let you know tomorrow if I had to refer to this book or not :)

How about you - do you use books to learn how to do something?
And if so - what? Tell me! Tell me! I'm dying to know!



  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. I still do a little crochet, but not as much as I did in the past.

  2. See, I could never learn to crochet by reading a book (I'm a very hands-on learner) so more power to you! :)

  3. Crocheting, awesome!

    Here's mine:

  4. Hi, Trish, thanks for commenting on my blog . .. if your projects look anything like the picture on that book cover I can see why you recommend it :-)

  5. Crocheting is loads of fun. I learned a few stitches from magazines, but mostly learned from my grandmother. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

    Happy Reading!