Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!!

I have to say -- 
these two linky-parties really give me something to look forward too every week! 

So let's get this thing started!

Link-Up HERE w/Michelle
Link-up HERE w/Jamie

I'm LOVING that I FINALLY got my planet ticket for Saint Louis!  
It didn't pan out as I thought it would with my Beau going - but there's always the Spring (and a reason for a second trip)

I'm LOVING all the mini chocolates & candies from Halloween. YUM!

I'm LOVING the Lia Sophia Jewelry that I just ordered (YES I went to another Jewelry Party and YES I ordered MORE stuff). I got this one - and I can't wait to get it around my neck!

 I'm LOVING that Adele song "Someone Like You" -- OMG I can't stop listening to it!

And I'm LOOOOVING Pinterest!

This made me laugh {via}
Half Medallion Bag - Crochet {via}
So true...for me {via}
I love this idea. I only have 3 medals but I want to do this {via}

What are you LOOOOVING today?!
I'd LOOOOVE to know!


  1. bahahahah bitch i don't live to please you!! i always love your pins! so sassy!

  2. I love the Adele song too!! It always gets stuck in my head, and even if I've heard it 25 times in the day, I will still stop and sing to it haha.
    Love your pins, too :)

  3. Ahh, I love your blog! Not much snow down here in So MD. It was a rainy day though! How did your marathon go?! I'll have to read old posts to find out!

  4. *LOL* Great pins! I'm loving my son had a fun time at Wonderlab this morning and then requested a walk immediately when we got home. I'll love it more if he actually takes a good long nap!

  5. Haha. Great pins! And I love Adele! She is amazing!!! You should find me on Stephanie Austin. Happy hump day!!

  6. I love that snippets of monster one. That made me laugh too hard! :)

  7. That pin about pinterest seriously just made me laugh! AND a medal display thing like that is on my Christmas list for the boy this year!! He's got so many and I'm hoping my measely little collection keeps growing, so we'll see!