Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting & What I'm LOVING Wednesday!!!

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I'm LOVING all the crafty Christmas ideas on pinterest! SO many ideas. SO little time.

I'm LOVING that some of our Christmas decorations have been been put out. Our tree is up (but without ornaments), we have some holiday bears out AND the house smells like cinnamon. ah. Christmas.

I'm LOVING this idea:
Christmas Card/Birthday Card books - make one each year and display each season

I'm LOVING that my right rear blinker is mysteriously and magically working again -- after not working for a year+. So I guess my wild, quick right turns are no longer necessary...Now if only my ABS and BRAKE light mysteriously and magically turns off...

I'm LOVING  when I'm blog hopping and people have these nice, large, clear as a sunny day photos on their post. Makes me want to go out and get a fancy camera so I can be a copy cat.

I'm LOVING a good laugh. I had a couple last week and on Monday my Beau was cracking me up but I need more laughter in my life.  Going to bust out my Will & Grace dvds and funny shows/movies.

and always I'm  LOVING  Pinterest!

shoot ... 9:20am Really..Truthfully


LOVE THIS! Want to do this! 


Every Single Time! 

Idea I have to store away mentally until I have kids.
Love it! So Funny!

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What are you LOVING and PINNING this week?



  1. I love the Xmas card idea! And totally laughing at all of your pins, hehe, but I really think you should have one of Ryan Gosling in there....just sayin :) hehe

  2. I LOVE the Christmas card book idea! I need to remember to do that this year!

  3. That tanked someecard has me DYING!!! lol

  4. I love the Christmas card idea! It looks a lot easier than others that I've seen too!

    And that quote from betty white is so funny. I seriously laughed so hard when I read that!


  5. HAHA, I can't stop laughing about sleeping on the front porch. Kinda reminds me of the one where the dad makes his daughter hold up the sign. "I lied to my dad" lol

  6. Ha! I will remember that last one if my son ever stays out too late. And I do adore Betty White.

  7. Lol! I'm loving this post! I don't like the biscuit tube popping either.;P

  8. love those wine glasses! such a great idea!!

  9. I love the Christmas card idea!!! I may need to do this!!!!

  10. ohhh i love everything here :) thanks for dropping by!

    BTW, how come haven't receive invitation from Pinterest i signed up like a week already. I have no idea.. just excited pinning :(