Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Virtual Coffee

Heeeeyyyyy Boo!
Ready to meet up for some coffee?
I know I am -- and have been since 6am this morning.
My mouth is watering for a Creme Brulee Latte from Starbucks.
So delicious.

So much to say - so little time. I doubt I'll get to everything and I tend to be a rambler some days anyway -- you know go on and on and on and realize halfway thru my story that ... my story doesn't have a point. Or if it did have a point I've forgotten what is was. Has that ever happened to you?

If we were really meeting for coffee:
I'd tell you that yesterday I went to 7-11 to get gas and pick up some snacks for me and my beau for movie night. When I was in line I saw a guy who was dressed in his army/military clothes/uniform or whatever you call it. And I instantly thought of the video that I saw when I went to church with my dad in STL (yes people - I - PATRICIA - went to church. SHOCKER - I know). Anyhoo the video was all about people surprising other people with doing things like buying their groceries, or paying for their coffee or buying gas for someone and I thought that was a nice message. SO, I paid for the guy's items. Felt it was a nice way to say "thank you" for serving our country and for fighting for my freedom.

If we were really meeting for coffee:
Last Friday, when I woke up I was all in a panic because I hadn't realized we were just two weeks away from Christmas. Mentally I had all the gifts I wanted to give plotted out -- but had none of them purchased. So I went ahead and purchased pretty much everything online. YESTERDAY - I get an email saying that my order has been cancelled. WTF? Now it's like I have to start over again. Blah.

If we were really meeting for coffee:
I've been thinking a lot about my 2012 resolutions -- I really need to sit down and decide what I will REALLY accomplish and what just "sounds nice" but I won't really do. Maybe I'll do that next week. I went to a meeting last week that talked about Purpose & Passion -- and I couldn't come up with anything that I was really passionate about and I have no idea what my purpose is. That's something I really wont to figure out.

If we were really meeting for coffee:
I'll tell you that I've given myself until Friday, AM to finish up my Blooming Flower Cushion for my little sisters. I made one awhile ago for my 10 year old sister and I just started this second one for my 7 year old sister, last week. I want to finish and get it all mailed to STL on Friday morning. I'm NEVER on time with mailing my gifts to the girls. I want this year to be the first. I also got them some jammies, and THE cutest sweat pants (that I wish were my size so I could wear them) and a kit (each) to make their own jewelry.

If we were really meeting for coffee:
I'd start to feel guilty about around this point in time because I have gone on and on about myself and haven't given you a chance to say anything!
What's up with you?
If we were really meeting for coffee what would you tell me?
I'm all ears {eyes} now!

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  1. I love doing random acts of kindness for people, I'm sure that guy appreciated the kind gesture you did for him! How did your order get cancelled?! Ugh that's awful! I hope you can get things straightened out soon! Have a great day :)

  2. girl, wait here's my order, one large cup of hazel nut chocolate hot cocoa by Dove.
    well, Trish, (taking a sip) i've been quite busy the last few weeks. I have not posted or read much the last few weeks. I have a do or die project that needs my full attention. I have enjoyed visiting my followers more. I shall return in full force in Jan. oh, i've started a reading challenge that is going to be fun. stop by and check it out at http://sidnereviewz.blogspot.com

  3. Well if we were meeting for coffee then I would have listened to you ramble on with interest and laughed at your stories. Then I would have told you what I had been up to. Starting with having a great time Friday night with my family at Silver Dollar City looking at Christmas lights. Then I would tell you how I enjoyed the Lady Antebellum Concert on Saturday night with my sister and niece even though I was sure my ex boyfriend and now friend was there with another girl.

    It was not him, he was at a Christmas party with a friend, thanks Facebook for the pic. Then I would have told you how it made me realize I need a therapist to move on from him and detach from him if I want to remain friends with him. Then I suppose you would have said something like finally, I told you, you needed to forget about him. We would have laughed.

    After that I would have told you how it's time I started to put me first and how I want to finish my first book and try and get it published next year. And that's what I am focusing on for the new year, me and my writing.

    Are you sorry you asked? Probably not because this is what people and friends do when they meet for coffee.

  4. I loved this post - and Sheri's comment which made me laugh and then sigh - thinking I've so been there and moving on ain't easy sometimes, that's why I cannot be friends with an ex - I don't even want to know what they're up to! But anyhooo - if we were meeting for coffee I would confide in you about how terrible I feel that decorations aren't up for Christmas - only the tree in our front yard which I only had enough lights to put on 1/3rd of the tree ... but that required about 800 lights - it's like a freaking twinkly bonfire out there at night. But it's kinda sad since the rest of the tree is naked :-(

  5. giirrrrl that was so sweet of you. i try and remember to do things like that even if it's just opening a door for someone.

    and to be honest i haven't done ANY christmas shopping. i havent even made a dent. i bought one thing for my brother and it doesnt even really count since it was like 3 bucks. i have got to get on the shopping. i'm gonna be running around on christmas eve like a chicken with her head cut off if i dont get on it soon.

    i too have been thinking about new year's resolutions. i always make a list every year and believe it or not i actually end up accomplishing half of the things on my list. course "learning how to knit" has been on there three years in a row. hopefully. just hopefully i can accomplish that one this year. i know you'll agree, i NEED to learn!

  6. If I was meeting you for coffee I would have listened to your stories with interest, been impressed with your compassion to the soldier guy and laughed at some of your other tales.
    I then would have told you about a great Christmas lunch I had with my work colleagues then complain about I haven't even done half of my shopping.
    The tell you how much fun I had a Zumba last night, a whole 2 hour party and that I got up on stage with my own choreographed dance and how amazing it felt and everyone loved it!
    I would then inform you that i didn't get the job I interviewed for yesterday, but that it was OK. I'm quite relieved.
    Then we would laugh about the way things work and all the things we have still to do before Christmas, we'd enjoy our coffee's (hot chocolate in my case).

  7. awwww...random acts of kindness are wonderful!! But what a reward...to have your whole order canceled and have to start over? Boo!!

  8. lovely post and lovely coffee chat - thank you :)

  9. If we were sitting down for coffee, I'd tell you that you're so sweet. Spontaneous kindness is true kindness.

    I'd then sigh and tell you my little boy has to get glasses. He's only 19 months old! I have no idea how I'm going to keep them on him. Yet if they help with his focusing problem now, he won't need glasses later on. I would smile and say he'll look so cute in them, though!

  10. That's really sweet, what you did for that soldier. I'm sure he felt very appreciated. That really sucks about your order getting cancelled though! I hope you'll be able to find everything quickly. Finding your passion and purpose...that's tough stuff right there. But so worth it once you find it. I hope you do find it.

    Thanks for the coffee and the chat!

  11. hahahaa, i have to laugh at you saying you had mentally bought all the gifts--that's exactly what i do..then i wonder why i have so much to do when christmas is just 2 weeks away! eeeeekkk! i think that was super nice fo you to treat a serviceman like that, good karma!! thanks for coffee ; )