Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ready To Start Hooking!

So....I think I'm ready to start hooking again! Yes - Yes I said it -- Hooking! I'm about to pick up my long lost crochet hook and get my crafty on.  

Friday's Photo Inspiration post - has really got me feeling ...well... INSPIRED. This photo here really did the trick for me: 

{from here}
This is just a-ma-zing in my book. I think the colors are awesome the lay out is great.
 I'm just  a big fan of this particular blanket.  So much so that I want to make it myself.
 So this is my next great project! 

{from here}

  I LOVE the bright colors. I like to look at bright things and feel that happiness/warm feeling that it can bring to you. Something that makes you want to snuggle up under and smile.  I went to Michaels today (luckily for me one of my birthday gifts was a gift card to Michaels ... which I couldn't have planned better myself the timing of that gift) and I picked up some colors to get me started:

Limelight, Watermelon, Iris, Blue Mint, Red and Sunshine
What do you think? I think these colors will go together well enough ... but we'll see! How many of these many squares you think I'm going to have to make to get a decent size blanket?  Leave your guess below and let me know - because ... I have NO idea.

On that note: I'm ready to get this hooking started! 


Friday, May 27, 2011

Photo Inspiration Friday

It's Photo Inspiration Friday - yay! I'm linking up with Jenn to share what has inspired me this week!

{I got the pattern from here}
I'm a crocheter. I'm "ok" at it. I can make some things - mainly scarves and blankets. I haven't tried much of anything else....oh actually I tried to make a bag once - that didn't work out to well for me. My last project was this  --------->
I'm beyond proud of myself for this beauty. I made it for my co-worker/friend's baby shower (for a girl if you can't guess).  I think I'm ready to start a new crochet project BUT before I can pick up my crochet hooks I need inspiration.  

Here are some photos that inspire me
to get hooking again:

{photos from here}

These are pretty too! I <3 these:

{photos from here}

I see a trip to Michaels in my near future! Happy Photo Inspiration Friday to you! I hope my inspirations hope you to do a lil' sumthing sumthing too!

Sidebar - if you have any good patterns please send them my way! I love to see (and try) new patterns!  Also I like to se what you've done to maybe get my creative juices flowing too!
 Thanks so much!


Today has been ... well ... quite a day! I'm glad that it's nearly over.  It hasn't been "quite a day" in a bad way - just - slightly overwhelming but overall good (if we weigh the good vs. the bad).   Actually - let's do that ... let's weigh the good vs. bad ... you let me know if what you think:

#1:  I hit the office early today because this week has been BUSY! it's National Open House Weekend so I was selling a special deal for the Realtors to advertise their O.H. (open houses).  Gratefully I got a big push from the local Realtor Association and my constant email blasts pulled in a lot of folks. So I spent the past few days selling, putting together the ad material and then doing bills (I had to cave in an accept help with writing my bills -- usually I'm WAY to anal to have anyone else do my work). Today I went in early to wrap up all my paper work and get the ad material in to my creative services person to design the ad. Overall with my sales & my co-workers we ended up with 4.5 full page ads and the sells help me reach my goal (on 2 out of 3 territories).  GOOD THING!

#2: Co-workers "surprised" me with donuts and coffee for my bday. It's not really a surprise because we do the same thing for everyone's bday - but it's still nice to have ppl wish you happy birthday a treat you to some Krispie Kreme (I stuffed myself with TWO donuts and TWO cups of coffee -- because in my heart I'm really a big girl -- and who can say "no" to seconds of Krispie Kreme?).

pretty :)
#3: My friend/co-workers got me flowers for my bday. A very nice surprise. I like getting flowers - what girl doesn't. Do guys like getting flowers? I wonder how my Beau would feel if I sent him some roses...

this will be gone in a day!

#4: my other co-worker bought me jelly belly jelly beans and office supplies - which I'm THRILLED about!  I spent a few months last year being absolutely addicted to jelly belly. I spent so much money at that damn candy store mixing up all the flavors and trying them ALL {note: I HATE the bubble gum flavor and the bubble gum ones  oh and cinnamon - GROSS}. I'm hopping this jar she got me doesn't kick start my addiction again...

#5: I would've liked to spend today after work at a happy hour or doing something with friends to kick off my bday weekend but I decided against that and went with picking up some PHO and a bottle of wine to spend the night in the house with the remote just chill-laxing.  Catch up on all my tv shows, maybe do some reading, maybe even a little bit of facebook games. You know QT time with myself. Everyone needs that time.

I'm having such a good time thinking about the good stuff that I don't even want to mention the bad -- but here's a QUICK run down:

#6: With all my sales I've created SO much work for my graphic designer and my order entry person I feel bad - it's a trickle down effect - what I sell is bound to affect someone else. I kept them busy inputting all my bill onlys and designing the ads all day! And a day before a holiday weekend.  Tsk.
#7: I went to get waxed today (TMI?) it HURT ... but in the long run this could go on the "good" list.
#8: as soon as I come home I smell that AWFUL smell and know that Sammie - the GSD - has had a #3 in her crate (the second day in a row). Thank goodness I didn't have to clean it up {mom took care of that} but walking her and watching her trying to get the rest out - yuck!
#9: While trying to pour myself my glass of wine I see Sammie PUKE up like a gazillon units of ... I don't know what it was but it was brown it it was stanky! ugh. poor pup not feeling well but it's just NASTY to see {luckily I didn't have to clean that up either!}
#10: I miss my Beau.

I mean - that's about even. 5 and 5 but I still count this as a good day! I have my glass of wine beside me, I have my remote right here, my book is over there so I'm going to end this night on a good note. I hope you do the same!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today feels like it has been completely non-stop! From the time my feet hit the floor this morning (an hour earlier than I wanted -- but Trust Me -- I climbed right back into bed as soon as I realized) to the time I got home and showered after my run - I'm just now getting a chance to BREATHE!  I'm happy that I haven't missed out on the chance to link up for What I'm Loving Wednesday -- because I am loving some things this week!

Saw Bridesmaids this week with my Beau and I LOVED it. I loved the jokes, the characters and the scenarios these ladies were in. It had me doubled over in my chair with some of the jokes. Definitely will have to buy this on DVD and watch on days I need a good laugh.


Today was non-stop at work {which I LOVED} when you work a commission based job you want to be bat-nuts crazy responding to emails and phone calls of people wanting to BUY your product. ah! 
I wish I had more days like this! 

Lastly - I LOVE that it's only Wednesday and my weekly mileage is already 18! Sunday's run was 8.5 miles; Monday's Run was 3.17 miles and today's run was 6.5 miles. I'm so very tired - but I'm feeling proud of myself. This number is only going to get higher and higher as the weeks go by. Can't wait for the sense of accomplishment I'll feel once I'm running 20 miles in just 1 day!

That's it for now!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I’m a few days away from being a couple years away from 30!

One thing about me you should know is that I’m typically a Debbie Downer when it comes to my birthday. I really don’t want to plan anything, go anywhere, do anything except mope in my bed.  It’s not that I dislike my birthday – I just dislike the planning of doing things for my birthday – does that make sense? I never can decide what I want to do, I fear that once I do decide that no one will show up and that’ll lead to me having heart break and disappointment on my born day … and who wants that?

I’m turning the big 2-8. That puts me just 2 years away from my 30th birthday – which SCARES me. 30 years old?! Jeez. Where has the time gone?  I feel like: I’m almost 30 and I have nothing to show for it. No kids, No House, no big $$ in my savings…”. I feel like maybe by now being in my late 20s I should have more in life than what I have now.

On the other hand – some advice I received in college was basically that your 20s is the only decade in your life you can be selfish and do all the things you want to do (assuming you don’t have kids and/or no husband). I should take advantage of the fact that my car is paid off, I live rent-free and I have a job that I enjoy…and that I don’t have any crying babies to drive me crazy!

I can only take 1 day at a time and work towards the life that I want. So I’m going to work on POSITIVITY – say goodbye to Nancy Negative and feel happy for myself! So CHEERS to me – with only 5 days left of being 27.  

Goodbye 27 --- HELLO 28.


Friday, May 20, 2011


 No No No - I’m not counting down to RAPTURE this weekend – I’m counting down to 5pm! C’mon clock- spin your hands around a little faster for me – PUH-LEAZE! I am soooo ready to get out of my cubicle to experience some fresh air and sunshine (actually I don’t even know if it’s sunny out – there’s no windows in my cubby hole). So let’s just assume for my sake that the sun is shining and the world is looking beau-ti-ful! ugh! 5PM HURRY UP!

Photo Inspiration Friday

Happy Friday All!

Today I'm linking up with my best buddy Jenn for photo inspiration day - YAY!

On particularly hard days at work when I find myself needing to take a mental break I surf the web for beach photos. Seeing the sand, water and beach almost always calms me down and takes me to a happy place. 

I bet this water is warm & the weather is PERFECT

I would be right on the beach with my book reading & relaxing

can't you see me now - on that hammock?!

*SIGH* I so want to be there right now! I'm feeling super inspired to - put in a request for a vacation. LOL. I SO want to be at a beach right now!

Happy Friday To You! Hope what gives me a little smile just by looking at it has done the same for you today! 


Thursday, May 19, 2011

148 days until my FIRST Marathon ...

148 days until my FIRST Marathon -- am I crazy for doing this?? -- 
MAYBE but I'm going to do it (dammit)!  

I'm scared and excited for this race! I signed up with my friend from high school. She's going to KICK MY BUTT in time but I'm just going to try to focus on finishing and then maybe in the future I can worry about time - that is if I ever decide to do more another marathon after this one.

This may be a tad bit lame but one of the reasons I'm looking forward to doing this B-More marathon is so I can have a 26.2 magnet on my car like all the cool kids.  I currently sport my 13.1 oval on my car AND my TRI oval ... but I really really want this one.

This shirt is on my "GET IT" list! I have to get it and wear it on those days I won't feel like climbing out of bed at 6 am for that 20 mile run (yes you read that right - ME - TRISH is going to one day in the future run 20 miles...for practice! What may even be more of a shock is the idea of me getting up by 6am)! I think this shirt will be a nice addition to my running shirt collection.

It may appear I'm only doing this marathon for the gear -- and that's not entirely true -- I'm also doing it for the bragging rights :)

This is my motto now

This will be my motto come October 15th 

I'm only in the beginning stages of training -- you can consider it that I'm in pre-training, so if  you have any marathon tips for me please let me know! 

That's all for now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey Hey!

So it's "What I'm Loving Wednesday" and I'm loving that this is my FIRST attempt at a link up -- so I hope I do this ish right! Thanks To Jamie & Jenn I'm ready to tell the WORLD what I'm loving today :)

Jenn & I from a few years ago

FIRST: I'm LOVING my one and only follower! The person who encouraged me to do this blog thing - JENN. She is an a-ma-zing friend and I think one of the few people who GET me and is there for me 100%.  Thank you Jenn. "Thank you for being a friend, travel 'round the world and back again, you're heart is true you're a pal and a confidant" <-- I wrote that there...just for you!

I'm LOVING the fact that there's still nice people out there in the world today. SHOCKER -- I know! A few weeks back I referred someone to do buisness with someone else - and as a "Thank You" I received a hand written note with a gift card to Starbucks. I'm so surprised and it really made my day. A verbal "Thank You" was fine with me but  Starbucks gift card and a hand written "Thank You" note is a great treat.

I'm LOVING that today was my mentoring day with my 5th grader and she was in a great mood. Sometimes I go and she's snappy, or not willing or wanting to talk but today she was just so cheery it really made me happy to see. We're currently in a midst of a heated UNO game. Score 2-2. Next week is our final week for the school year to end this life long battle with each other (ok...a bit dramatic - I KNOW...but we take it seriously). 

FINALLY - I'm LOVING that i'm done with my first link-up post. I hope you're LOVING that too!  Happy Hump Day to all ... and to all a Good Night!

Birthday Wishes

Well Well well ... my 20s are quickly fading (sad face) and 30s are quickly approaching. I'm just a few days away from being a couple years away from being 30 --- SCARRRRRYYYYY.  I'm trying to be positive about my bday this year (trying).   

So on a on that note -- here's my bday wishlist - feel free to get me any or all of these items :)

10.  World Peace (now that i got that out of the way here's what i REALLY want)

9. Kindle!  i'm still carrying paperback books in my purse

8. Birthday Loving From my real friends & virtual friends

7.  Read the first book (LOVED IT), reading the second book ... it's only natural I need to get this book: Mockingjay

6. Happiness

5. YANKEE Candle & Accessories. I LOVE LOVE LOVE candles. i love the fruity yummy smelling ones. i'll take a gift card to this joint! 

4. Ooooh this looks cool! i'm adding it as a must have a REALLY cool Running watch

3. Some Flowers & Chocolates (i'm a girl. i like getting flowers)

2. Cash! Who doesn't like getting cash?! 

1. ANOTHER year!!

Weeeelll that's it for now! I think that's a pretty good list -- I hope it turns out to be a pretty good birthday! 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Trish Tale #2 -- I'm Not as Smart as I thought I was...

You know – I use to think I was a pretty smart gal. I went to college – got edumacated, I read books, I look at newspapers and sometimes I am able to learn a thing or two. BUT my confidence in my intelligence is fading away and I blame WORDS with Friends. That game is F-ing with my brain – and you want to know why? – WHY I say? Because my friends are all kicking my A$$ in it! I have played many-o-many games and I’ve probably only won one or two (probably only one but I’m trying to make myself feel a little better by saying two) and I’m losing…by A LOT! I need to help! Any Suggestions?! 

Example: What the heck should I do when I get Q, Z, J, P, Y, K, J?!?!?

Sidebar: even though I'm losing I still <3 this game!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

An Ode to my OLD Running Shoes

my OLD shoes
An Ode to my OLD Running Shoes

Oh old running shoes
My how you have supported me
During the long runs and
The not-so-long ones.

Oh old running shoes
Came out the box
Hitting the pavement hard
Keeping my feet going one stride at a time

Oh old running shoes
How brown have you turned
Twisted and knotted laces
And not mention the smell

Oh old running shoes
Sorry to discard you
But my knees are KILLING me
And these new ones are so shiny

Oh old running shoes
To the back of my closet you go
For rainy days
And muddy runs

my NEW shoes
Oh NEW running shoes
Can’t wait to take you
Out onto the pavement
Maybe with you…I’ll finally get my PR!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Oh-My-Goodness! Can I tell you that I’ve been messing with this blogger set up for 2 days now trying to decide on fonts, backgrounds, layouts, etc – and I’m still not completely satisfied! I’m driving myself nuts – yet I can’t control the urge to try out every option – layout – font – background there is. For now I have to just settle on what I have chosen so far --- at least until tomorrow – when I change my mind again J 

On the other hand – WELCOME to my blog! Yay! Finally set up so I can type, type, type away all my feelings and SOMEONE out there will read them – at least that’s my hope (and fear). Hopefully I don’t say things too ridiculous (which I know I will) and hopefully my over use of exclamation marks and dot dot dots don’t drive you nuts.

Anyway, I’m Patricia – I’m new to this blogging thing. Took me FOREVER just to fill that “about me” space. I don’t know what to say specifically about me – yet. So much goes on in my world some days – and other days nothing is going on. I guess it’s just a typical life – but it’s mine. And I have to love it and live with it. So I hope you follow me along this journey that is filled with MANY peeks and valleys and that we become best virtual friends J

That’s it for Now!