Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ooh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loooving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I'm LOVING that this is my FIRST WILW and Pinteresting post of 2012! 

Link-up HERE w/Jamie
I'm LOVING my new Kindle Fire! Mommy-claus had it tucked under the tree for me this year and I'm really happy to have it. Hopefully I get a lot of good reading done on it this year.

I'm LOVING my 2012 financial goals -- hopefully I can stick to them. I have a plan for every month -- every check basically. I want to pay debt, save money and end 2012 with money in my pocket.

I'm LOVING my new iPhone! I treated myself to one for Christmas. Now... I need to download some good apps -- any suggestions?

I'm LOVING that 3 people got me popcorn as Christmas gifts. And not any ol'popcorn. I'm talking Harry and David Moose Munch popcorn.  Have you had it? It's sooooooo good!
(what does it say about me for people to buy me popcorn as a gift and that I'm happy about it?!)

As always I'm LOVING pinterest!
Link-up HERE w/Michelle
laughed til I cried!

Crochet Doily Rug. I want to make this!!! 
True Story Ya'll. Don't Be Jelly!! 

Conversation Heart Martinis. EXCELLENT idea! 

Sangria POPTAILS. Love this! 
Bring it on!!
 Happy Wednesday!


  1. LMAO! The ballsack one is hilarious and so is the earring one. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Valentines martinis=a must. Such cute pins!

  3. I am CRAVING one of those valentine martinis, like so bad!
    And I LOVE Moose Munch! I hope you have some left over to share with meeeee!! :)

  4. Love the earrings pin. lol :D

  5. Loving your Pinterest finds. LMAO...ballsack...hilarious!! New follower to your blog. Found you via Jamie's linkup today.

  6. it's true :)

  7. The ballsack thing is hilarious! Glad I came across your blog:)

  8. I got a Kindle Fire too for Xmas....I love it! Though I'm reading less since I get side-tracked on the web. Oops. hahaha Enjoy!

  9. I always love your weekly Wednesday post. It is always entertaining.

  10. Funny thing- i got popcorn for Christmas too! and i loved it!!