Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday and OOH, How Pinteresting!

Hi! Hi! 
There's a lot I want to get in today including something NEW!
I'm exxxxcited - so excited that I'm doing two post today. You don't have to read both -- but it'll be nice. :)

Link-Up w/Jamie
I'm LOVING the crochet challenges I came across last week. The 1st is: Beyond The Square Challenge hosted by Barbara at Made in K-Town.  Which is GREAT because I have this book with all these crochet motifs that I had no idea to do with. Nooow I do. The 2nd is: Wool-Eater crochet-along hosted by Sarah London.  This is what my second post is about today -- so check that out if you feel like it!

I'm LOVING the camera on my iphone4s. It's better than my regular camera! I keep taking pics with my camera and then my phone and it comes out sooo much better on my phone!

I'm LOVING that I'm taking my mom to get a tattoo on Saturday (which is her birthday). This is the 2nd tattoo I'm getting her (I got her original one 10 years ago!). She's getting a Japanese style dragon on her shoulder/back. I'll try to post a pic of it next week.

As always -- I'm LOVING Pinterest! 
Link-up w/Michelle

uh. duh. my need to go to pinners anonymous soon.
this cracked me up. sorry.
Yes. I am a Gemini. Yes I believe this to be true.
I can't express how much I LOVE this.
It's going to be a very bright path.

Lastly -- I'm LOVING this:
Hosted by Sarah London
This is my first crochet along and I'm so excited.
Click HERE to read my post and see pictures of my progress.



  1. The camera on the 4s really is so amazing!! Also, I have the same birthday as your mom!!! Have fun getting her tattoo. How exciting!'

  2. I have been wanting to do that chalkboard platter for a while now. It is so cute and would make a fun gift too. Great pins girl!

    Hope you have a terrific Wednesday!


  3. I like the tray with the chalkboard paint! Lovely! :) And I also giggled when I saw the thing about Melons and being dyslexic. hehe

  4. Love the craft porn and burned bridges pins :))

  5. I have an iPhone 4 and I completely agree about it having a much better camera than my regular camera. I bought my actual camera a few years ago and I hardly use it now. I'm hoping to get a really nice DSL camera one day though...

    How do you like the Vampire Academy books? I saw that you're reading them. I got the first one and got a couple chapters in and am not that impressed. I'm also feel like I'm missing something in the story...

  6. great pins love! :]
    makes me want to get crafty! ha


  7. LOVE the Melons pin... too funny. :)

  8. love that cheese plate! makes me want to craft!

  9. i laughed out loud about the melons. that would so be me! lol i actually didn't even realized they used the same letters. ha! kinda like silent and listen

    i love that chalkboard platter. neat neat idea.

  10. I love the chalk board paint tray! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

    Angela | PoodlePoddles

  11. Hehehe! Awesome pins. Your mom is cool! Today I'm loving that I made a big chocolate chip cookie and then put vanilla ice cream with chocolate fudge on top of it. A mid-week treat to get me through the rest of the week.

  12. Bahaha, love the dyslexic one. These pins make me happy :) ♥