Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ooh, How Pinteresting and What I'm Loving Wednesday

How has your week been going?

Link-Up HERE w/Jamie
I'm LOVING the Little Debbie Be My Valentine Cakes. I've literally ate the whole box in like 3 days (that's 10 cakes! I'm a total fatass).

I'm LOVING this blog page called iCrochet. So many beautiful projects on this page!

I'm LOVING that my mom celebrated her 51st birthday with a tattoo (her Christmas/Bday gift from yours truly):

I'm LOVING Pinterest!
Link-up HERE w/Michelle

I would love this in the kitchen. 

This made me chuckle. Wish I had some wine right now!
This is so pretty!

What are you LOVING this week?


  1. Your mom is a bad@$$! :)
    I love the opportunist pin, hehe. And, I like that crochet "blanket"...was thinking, is there some way to make that into a poncho type of thing? Could be really pretty in the spring over a white tank top with jeans? Just a thought!

  2. I love that quote about wine! Happy Wednesday! :)

  3. Your mom is so pretty - and her tattoo is awesome!
    I love Little Debbie VDay cakes. NOM

    Love your pins (:

  4. hahah I more than chuckled at the wine quote!Too funny!
    Oh wow hot momma!! Good for her, I think its important to always do something for ourselves!

  5. Your mom's tattoo is awesome! Now I want some cake.

  6. i am loving that giant coffee pin!

    My 2nd time linking up with you ladies for these pin ups! So fun =) Check out my pins if you have time, thanks!
    Just Tututiny

  7. Haha I loved the opportunist one! It made me laugh :D

  8. Oh I love your mom's tattoo! Oh and the Opportunist pin is awesome.