Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Oooh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday

Want to know THE best thing about today?
ALL Valentine's day candy is 50% off! Whoooo Hoo!
Time to go stock up! 

But first - let's link up:
Link-up HERE
Link-up HERE

I'm LOVING pecan turtles, conversation hearts and ghirardelli chocolates.

I'm LOVING the show - The Braxton Family Values. It's ALWAYS so entertaining. Do you watch?I'm LOVING {speaking of shows} that Survivor starts this week - YAY!!

I'm LOVING the Siri. She cracks me up. I asked her: "Where do babies come from?" she responds: "Ask your mother."  Then I asked her "Will you marry me?" and she responds "We hardly know each other." 
I'm {still} LOVING Adele! 

And as ALWAYS -- I'm LOVING pinterest!

so true! lol

this is waaaay too cute! i <3 this! 
LOL - can you imagine?

I LOVE this!

seriously. no such thing.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. That I heart you pin is so cute.


  2. Love all those pins :) They are so cute and funny!

  3. ahahhahahahaha that one pin with the "i left the million dollars under the..." is awesome! I hope I can remember to do
    have a great rest of the week thanks for the laughs

  4. LOL "I left a million dollars under the..." oh my gosh - I can't even imagine that. First of all it would be awful that the person is slipping away.. and then of course the wondering where the money is.. Goodness!

  5. I agree: there's no such thing as too many books! :) I love that work-out one too. Now I want some cheap Valentine's day candy!

  6. There really is no such thing as too many books.... I love Kindle for that very reason! :)

  7. Lol! I love the Hunger Games Pin! I work out but I'm sure I would be the first one to go regardless.

  8. LMAO how funny is that first one about the Hunger And I love the theft stealing the yarn. Great Pins this week.