Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday and OOOOh, How Pinteresting

It's February -- already. Time really does go by faster the older you get - huh?

Link-up HERE w/Jamie
I'm LOVING this Flickr group for the wool-eater crochet along I'm doing. It's like porn to me! I've spent so much time just looking at everyone's work here.

I'm LOVING the pretty-pretty colors I picked up so I can make these BEAUTIFUL Hawaiian Flowers:

I'm LOVING the hash browns from Founding Farmers restaurant. When I'm not on flickr - I'm daydreaming about those potatoes. Have you had them? So. Good.

I'm LOVING the $2.99 socks from Target --- you know the colorful ones that go up to your knees --- those are awesome! The $1.99 ankle socks are great too.

I'm LOVING the progress I'm making on my wool-eater blanket!

I'm LOVING Pinterest!
Link-up HERE w/Michelle
I've been doing this A LOT lately.
Hell Yeah! Let's blog about some shit! 
I LOOOOOVE this! One day when I have a house
{and a family} I MUST do this.
So true. LOL.
So True 2.
What are you LOVING this Wednesday?


  1. I'll do a post on my I'm Lovings and link it to this one this week Trish.I love your loves.

  2. Hahah your pins are too great! Love that "Pinterject" pin. I totally do this!

    Have a great Wednesday girl!


  3. heheh, I do the same thing in convos about Pinterest. ALL THE TIME! I agree with the pin about looking at the people around you before you think you're depressed. SO TRUE!!!

  4. I really love that wall of photos! And the depression one lol :)

  5. My first pinterest entry with you gals - YAY!

    Love the last quote - sooo true!

  6. Love them!!! :))

    And I love Target's knee socks. I have a zillion pairs.

  7. I LOVE the wall of family photos. It makes such a statement on a blank wall. Happy Wednesday! :)

  8. omg that last quote is so true. and the story of my pun intended. and i freaking love those colorful target socks..i probably have more of them than solid color ones. and if i get a hole in one, i'll keep it's match still and just have mixmatched socks.
    hmm i might need to get some new valentine's socks, huh!

  9. Love the flower blanket! Cute blog. I'm following now!

  10. I definitely identify with the "I'm just really mean" one. Lol! Loves it!