Thursday, March 29, 2012

Follow Friday!

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Q:  Do you read one book at a time or do you switch back and forth between two or more?

I can only read one book at a time.  
I don't see how people can read multiple books at the same time. I tried it - and it doesn't work. What happens to me is  the characters and stories get mixed up in my mind and jumbled together and the next thing you know Edward {twilight} and Rose {vampire academy} are hooking it up. 

So now you know - I'm a one book kinda gal.

What about you?
Do you/Can you read more than one book at a time? 




ok. Let's face it. The closest I'll ever get to Jamaica any time soon is this photo.

So I have to live vicariously through my buddy Jenn @ Going The Distance - who's in Jamaica right now as I type.

While she's away I've taken over her blog for today and did a guest post - sooooo.... go check it out!
(and leave me comments - so that I don't look totally lame). 
Thank you!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ooh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey Folks! 

Time to link up with Michelle and Jamie

I'm LOVING that Colton is gone from Survivor.  He drove me nuts! And I know he'll be back on another season. Hopefully he'll see how ridiculous he was on the show and will have a new attitude.

I'm LOVING my Kindles. I got the Kindle Fire from Mommy-Claus and I got the regular Kindle to use in the summer time and/or outside. I didn't think I would be an e-reader fan - but I'm really enjoying them.

I'm LOVING this game:
it makes me giggle like a little girl. It's just so amusing and entertaining. If you're not playing this - I highly recommend you downloading now.

I'm LOVING my blog friends and the comments people leave. So THANK YOU! It really makes me writing this blog easier and more enjoyable because when I first started my blog I was nervous nobody would read my post. 

I'm LOVING Pinterest.
You can follow all my boards - HERE

What are you LOVING this week?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Virtual Coffee

Good Day My Friend! 

I enjoyed this so much last week that I'm ready for an instant replay - so I'm linking up again for Virtual Coffee with Amy at Lucky Number 13.

Will you join me?
Grab your coffee, tea, soda or adult beverage (hey! I don't judge) and let's chat!

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'd let you know that today is my first committee meeting for Young Professional's Group with the Chamber of Commerce. Hopefully I enjoy it.  I'm young-ish and sometimes professional. So I think the group could possibly end up being beneficial to me. 

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'd share with you that on Friday I have to meet with a specialist for my knee because the results from my MRI came back...and I have a tear in my ACL. So I have to find out if I need surgery. I wasn't planning on doing anything major this year (last year I did a marathon and the year before I did a Sprint Triathlon) but still a surgery could hold me up from the minor stuff I wanted to do (like 5Ks and half marathons). We'll see what happens.

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'm ready to dish - what did you think of the Hunger Games Movie?!?!?!
I really liked it. I felt that it was a bit rushed in certain scenes but overall I wasn't disappointed. Remember seeing the first Twilight movie and how terrible it was? I was hoping that I wouldn't have that feeling when I saw HG and I wasn't disappointed.  What did you think?

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I have to admit - I LOVED the little girl who played Rue (she's the little girl who played in Colombiana)

I want my kids to look like her. Can I put a request in for that? 

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'd have to say ONE more thing about HG movie. I REALLY wish they had Kristin Chenoweth play Effie. I thought she would've been perfect.

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'd want to hear your thoughts about HG - so tell me and tell me now! 
Also tell me what's going on with you! What's on your mind?


Monday, March 26, 2012

African Flowers

Did you have a nice weekend?

I wanted to share with you a project I've been working on as of late {my wool-eater is on temporary hold. I have 2 more rounds to go -- but I really haven't felt like working on it lately}. 
African Flowers!!!! 
get the tutorial here
I actually started this project July 2010 and put it down.
I picked it up again after seeing so many hexagons on Pinterest and Flickr. I got motivated to work on mine again.

I picked some nice springy colors:

The pink looks much brighter in this picture than what it actually is.

I've made a few flowers:

And I've decided to add another color:

I think the yellow will be a nice pop

I originally thought about lining all the hexagons in black - and I posted a blog about that and the feed back I got back was to line them in white. 

And I considered the white. I even unraveled all my black linings -- 
I've made the decision to not line them in any color. And to leave them as they are. I want this to look like a nice and fresh and springy blanket!

What do you think?

What are you working on?


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ooh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday

Chellllo! Happy Wednesday!
Let's Link-up with Michelle and Jamie:
I'm LOVING that the weather has been soooo nice! I even ventured out for my first pedicure of the season! I'm so ready to wear flip flops and open toe shoes! 

I'm LOVING that I paid a big chunk of my CC debt this month AND I was able to save some money. I'm actually making progress on my financial goals for 2012 and I'm so happy about that!

I'm LOVING that I treated myself to my first pair of TOMS:
I'm LOVING playing Family Feud on my iPhone. 

I'm LOVING Suri's Burn Blog. Cracks me up!

I'm LOVING Pinterest!
Check out all my boards HERE.

every time i look at this i laugh!

is it?! is it too much to ask?! 

i love this idea!

elephant bffs. toooo cute! 

 Happy Wednesday Friends!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Virtual Coffee

Good Morning {afternoon or evening -- depending on when you read this}!

It's been quite a while since I've linked up for Virtual Coffee with Amy at Lucky Number 13

Today, I'm just having a simple cup of joe with 4 cream and 4 Splenda. Yes. I like a little coffee in my milk! I like it sweet. Most people may find that gross - I find it yummy!

If we were really meeting for coffee today ...
I'd let you know that I'm excited for this link-up Jenn and I are talking about doing this Spring. My hope is people will link up with us and it'll grow into something big and something that people will look forward to doing. Would you like a hint of what it is - here you go -- A Happy Hour! Can you taste the happiness now?
If we were really meeting for coffee today ...
I keep going back and forth in my mind if I should redesign my blog. I love visiting other blogs that have nice large pictures and simple {but cute} designs. AND I want my own button. I just lack the skills do to it myself. And I don't know If I actually want to pay someone to design it for me.  I think my blog needs something. What do you think?

If we were really meeting for coffee today ...
I ordered these crochet hooks off of Etsy. And I LOVE the look of them - I'm just having a hard time using them. 
I don't have this set exactly but mine are made by the same gal.

It's like the hook part is too shallow and my yarn keeps slipping off. I don't know if it's user error or the hooks. I'm just going to blame the hooks. 
If we were really meeting for coffee today ...
Speaking of Etsy. I really want to make something and sell it on there -- just so I can say I did. I do think it would be kinda neat if I made some income off my hobby. I  go on that site to see what other crochet stuff is being sold and I cannot believe that people ask for $100, $200 I've even seen $500+ being asked for for a blanket.  That's just crazy to me BUUUUT if people are paying that...
If we were really meeting for coffee today ...
I would have to admit - I keep listening to this song over and over again:
For some reason I really like it. And I want to sing it all the time - loudly.
If we were really meeting for coffee today ...
You'd get up and walk away from me because I'm singing the above song...and embarrassing you!
Besides my cup is empty - and I'm ready to go!

Lastly, If we were really meeting for coffee today ...
What would you share with me?! Tell me something Juicy!

I hope you enjoyed your coffee.
I know I did!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wool Eaters & African Flowers

Did you click on this post because you're wondering -- what the hell is a wool eater?! and how does it go along with African Flowers?

Well. I'm just glad you stopped in and although it's probably not what you think..well...unless you're thinking about hooks and yarn -- then you're exactly right!

I've added two rounds to my Wool-Eater Blanket:

It is getting MASSIVE! 

I'm going to add two more rounds and then I'm going to call it a wrap! 

It's really coming along nicely!
I'm happy with it! 

While working on this wool-eater I've picked up a WIP I started about a year ago:

African Flower Hexagons. They are so easy to make!
You can find the tutorial HERE

I'm going to line them in black and then join them:

Well. I THINK I want to line them in black. 
I keep going back and forth in my mind if I should or if I should
leave them as they are. Or should I line them in white?

What do you think?



Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!

  Happy Wednesday People! Let's Link it up! 

I'm LOVING that I got to celebrate my very good friend - Jenn - 29th Birthday last weekend. It was good times! AND I love the fact that we've come up with an idea for a fun link up! Stay tuned for more information

I'm LOVING GCB. Have you seen it? Cracks me up. Only thing - they need a Black character..hopefully they'll add one next season.

I'm LOVING this site where you can create a map of all the states you've visited.
Here's my map:

I OBVIOUSLY need to visit more states! I'm too stuck on the East Coast!
I'm LOVING that when I went to the doctor for my knee he goes "I don't typically MRI on these type of knees". WTF? what kind of knees do I have? I was offended AND was tickled.

I'm LOVING that I picked up one of my {crochet} WIPs from a year or so ago and starting to work on it again. I'll share with you soon!

I'm LOVING Pinterest!
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this makes me smile! 
Yes. Yes we are. That's why I get next to the walkers

how would you feel if i had this in my house?
is it lame?

I LOVE this!
yes. I LOL'd for real at this one. Don't judge me!
What are you LOVING this week?