Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting & What I'm Loving Wednesday!!!

  Happy Wednesday People! Let's Link it up! 

I'm LOVING that I got to celebrate my very good friend - Jenn - 29th Birthday last weekend. It was good times! AND I love the fact that we've come up with an idea for a fun link up! Stay tuned for more information

I'm LOVING GCB. Have you seen it? Cracks me up. Only thing - they need a Black character..hopefully they'll add one next season.

I'm LOVING this site where you can create a map of all the states you've visited.
Here's my map:

I OBVIOUSLY need to visit more states! I'm too stuck on the East Coast!
I'm LOVING that when I went to the doctor for my knee he goes "I don't typically MRI on these type of knees". WTF? what kind of knees do I have? I was offended AND was tickled.

I'm LOVING that I picked up one of my {crochet} WIPs from a year or so ago and starting to work on it again. I'll share with you soon!

I'm LOVING Pinterest!
Check out all my boards HERE.

this makes me smile! 
Yes. Yes we are. That's why I get next to the walkers

how would you feel if i had this in my house?
is it lame?

I LOVE this!
yes. I LOL'd for real at this one. Don't judge me!
What are you LOVING this week?



  1. you need to come over to indiana!!! :)

  2. hahahaha at the last pin! Yay you came out for my birthday (and about the link-up!!)
    Don't put crochet stuff on your walls. Me no likey.
    Make me something pretty. The end :)
    Oh, and sorry about your weird knees haha

  3. *LOL* That last one made me laugh out loud! I do wonder what type of knees you have, but obviously they're unique. :)

  4. You found some great ecards and quotes. I would have to change one of them to 'Forgot to work out yesterday, that makes it 25 years in a row now' haha :)

  5. Found your blog through "Fantastically Average". Just reading this page, I'm hooked! Good luck with those weird knees :)

    Megan @

  6. I love that map that's such a neat idea!!

    Happy Wednesday!

  7. I love that map!! So cool I'm gonna do it!!! My friend posted that forgetting to work out thing as her status last night! Sadly true!!

  8. love that elephant! great pins girl!

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  9. Your e-card about racing on the treadmill couldn't be more true. And I also try to strategically place myself next to someone who I feel like I can "beat."

    Happy to be your newest follower!

  10. The skipping elephant is SO cute! I want one! :D

    Dropping by from WILW!