Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Virtual Coffee

Good Day My Friend! 

I enjoyed this so much last week that I'm ready for an instant replay - so I'm linking up again for Virtual Coffee with Amy at Lucky Number 13.

Will you join me?
Grab your coffee, tea, soda or adult beverage (hey! I don't judge) and let's chat!

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'd let you know that today is my first committee meeting for Young Professional's Group with the Chamber of Commerce. Hopefully I enjoy it.  I'm young-ish and sometimes professional. So I think the group could possibly end up being beneficial to me. 

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'd share with you that on Friday I have to meet with a specialist for my knee because the results from my MRI came back...and I have a tear in my ACL. So I have to find out if I need surgery. I wasn't planning on doing anything major this year (last year I did a marathon and the year before I did a Sprint Triathlon) but still a surgery could hold me up from the minor stuff I wanted to do (like 5Ks and half marathons). We'll see what happens.

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'm ready to dish - what did you think of the Hunger Games Movie?!?!?!
I really liked it. I felt that it was a bit rushed in certain scenes but overall I wasn't disappointed. Remember seeing the first Twilight movie and how terrible it was? I was hoping that I wouldn't have that feeling when I saw HG and I wasn't disappointed.  What did you think?

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I have to admit - I LOVED the little girl who played Rue (she's the little girl who played in Colombiana)

I want my kids to look like her. Can I put a request in for that? 

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'd have to say ONE more thing about HG movie. I REALLY wish they had Kristin Chenoweth play Effie. I thought she would've been perfect.

If we were really meeting for coffee...
I'd want to hear your thoughts about HG - so tell me and tell me now! 
Also tell me what's going on with you! What's on your mind?



  1. If we were meeting, I would say I loved Rue too - and I teared up when she died and Katniss got the flowers for her.


  2. Morning (sipping my white chocolate hot chocolate) Trish!!
    Haven't seen Hunger Games yet, didnt read book, won a copy in a giveaway. laying on nightstand with four others awaiting to be read. Movie did piqued me. Sis gave it a 2.5. I was shocked at that. said she didnt like ending.
    (taking another sip) so sorry to hear about that knee. be very careful. get second opinions too. How's the crocheting coming alone. check out my girls, Double Stitch Twins,they are the bomb.
    they have taken crocheting to another level.
    well almost down to my few sips, need to get another cup and a croissant. TTYL
    Sidne at http://sidnereading.blogspot.com

  3. Trish! Your blog is SUPER adorable! I sadly did NOT see the Hunger Games yet. Hopefully soon. And I would also like my kids to look like Rue- think that can happen? :) Good luck with your knee! Sounds painful! :(

  4. I we were meeting for coffee, I would beg to hear every detail of the movie and cry that no one here wants to go with me. I'll either have to go by myself or wait until it comes out on DVD.

  5. Love the owl coffee pic!!!! Almost finished reading the Hunger Games, off to the movies next weekend;Can't wait! Happy Tuesday
    Stopping by from Virtual Coffee

  6. love that coffee owl! so cool. Haven't seen the Hunger Games yet. I am about to finish the book and excited to go see the movie this coming weekend! Stopping from Virtual Coffee to say Hello

  7. I think Kristin Chenoweth would be perfect for Effie!! I have yet to see it but I can't wait :-D

  8. I love that photo of the owl in the coffee beans!! That make me want to go make my own. I haven't seen HG, though I did read the books. I loved Rue. She was pretty much one of my favorite characters. And the finger-to-mouth tribute her district does in the second book? I died. I cried. And then I died. :)

  9. just to let you know i've made a VC post and set up with mr linky if you want to join in...
    i know some of us have missed our coffee chats :)

    PS my daughter's just starteed reading the hunger games :)