Friday, April 6, 2012

Follow Friday

Hello! Happy Friday!

Q: Have you ever bought a book BECAUSE of a bad review?

No! I'm too easily swayed by other people's opinions (don't use that tidbit of info to your own advantage).

If someone tells me a book is bad then I go into the book expecting it to be bad and I can't enjoy the book because I already knows it sucks. Basically I anticipate the suckiness.

Does that make sense?

Now - if you tell me a book is GOOD I'm all over it!
A lot of times I'll look at the rating someone gives a book before I read their review - esp if it's a book I'm interested in.

What about you? Have you ever bought a book because of a bad review?



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  2. Thanks for the post.
    Does it work the other way? If someone tells you a book is good can you read it and then think it's bad? Or do you know you'll like just because someone told you so?

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  3. Hey Trish!

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    Yeah, I tend to be curious about books when I read both real love reviews and real hate ones. My thinking is if the book was able to provoke intense reactions, then there's probably something interesting in there, it just causes people with different tastes to have different reactions. This regards reviews by people I don't really know much about.

    If I'm reading a review by someone I know shares my reading tastes I tend to be more interested in the positive reviews though. :)

    Have a fab weekend!

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  6. Hey! I kind of agree. Bad reviews usually turn me off, too (and I wouldn't read a book BECAUSE of one) but if I really want to read the book or like the author a lot or something I'll read it anyway.
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  7. I've never read a book based on a bad review. I don't think anyone would!

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  9. I'm too easily influenced as well, but for some reasons rants actually make me want to read books much more than most lukewarm and positive reviews do. I always want to know what the fuss is about. *g*

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  10. Hahahha. Like your answer. But I can tell you, I am easily swayed by other people opinions. But not with books. I only read them if I think they are good. :D

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  13. Thanks for stopping by my FF! I totally feel the same way - if I try to read a book after I've read even one detailed bad review for it, I go in looking for the bad stuff. It's a tedious reading experience.