Monday, April 30, 2012

MOOORE Crochet Grocery Bags

Remember this rant a couple weeks ago about grocery bags?


I'm still on a mission to make my own bags!

That last post - I made a bag I LOVE but it takes a couple days to make. I've  since found a pattern on Knitomatic that works up REALLY fast and is REALLY easy. 

And here's the outcome:

Looks good right?
And it's sturdy!

It'll hold THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you need from the store:

Not one...but TWO bottles of wine!




  1. Woohoo! Make one that fits 10 and I'm in! haha jk. Good job girl! Proud of you :)

  2. omg i LOVE them!! i would carry them not only to the grocery story but just around town. they're so cute!

    and seriously that is crazy that they are charging yall for plastic bags. sounds to me like someone's being a little money hungry and not worried about the planet at all. that's just crazy to me.

  3. So cool! Some of my friends are getting into (and for some of us, back into) crocheting, we even had a crochet party last week. Since I'm impatient to the point that even baby blankets take too long this'll be the PERFECT thing to try!

  4. I just found this post on Pinterest! Can you possibly give me a link to the pattern? I love it!

  5. Those are awesome looking :) I definitely need to get back to crocheting!

  6. Those are fabulous. If you had unlimited time in your life, you could totally sell those bad boys, they are great!

  7. I'd buy those bags. They look great!!

  8. Oh looks so cute! I always thought of doing that sometimes but I never really got around to do it! Nice job btw! :D