Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting and What I'm Loving Wednesday - BIRTHDAY EDITION

Helllo Wednesday! 
Time to link up with Michelle and Jamie
I'm LOVING that today is my BIRTHDAY!!!  Yes - 29 years ago today the world was given MEEEEEE!  Lucky World! 

I'm LOVING this birthday song (not the video -- just the song):

I'm LOVING all the birthday plans for this week!

I'm LOVING Gifts! :) Who doesn't? I even got myself a few many little gifts already.

I'm LOVING my flowers and balloon from Troy! 

I'm LOVING Birthday cake! Especially when it's cake with that super sweet icing -- yum! 

I'm LOVING Pinterest! 
You can check out all my boards here.
This the cake I want for my bday :)
                                    LOL - I'm using this next year! 

Source: Uploaded by user via Sandie on Pinterest

Source: via Madhu on Pinteres

I'm LOVING that tomorrow is Thirsty Thursday! Thirsty Thursday is a virtual happy hour where you can share a drink, share some gossip and get a good virtual buzz! 
So come back tomorrow and Link-up! 

What are YOU LOVING today?



  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! (for like the 900th time haha) Hope you have the bestest day ever! LOVE YOUUUU!!!

  2. Happy Birthday! That cake looks delicious!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I listened to the whole Chuck E Cheese song (and watched the video)... bizarre. But in a funny way. I hope 29 is your best year yet!!

  4. Happy, happy birthday! :) Have a fabulous birthday and enjoy your cake!

  5. Happy Happy birthday girlie!!!!

    Hope it's a great one :)


  6. Happy Birthday!!! I love the birthday song one - I request no one sing it on my birthday :P

    For my mom-in-law's birthday, my sister-in-law and I sang her a song we saw on Improv-a-ganza. You start out clapping like a restaurant song and then you go "This is your birthday isn't very long" and then just walk off. LOL

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!! Hope it's a wonderful day, and that you get that cake ;)

  8. Happy Birthday!
    That cake looks AH-MAZING :)

  9. Awe Happy Birthday! I hope it has been a great day thus far...

  10. Happy Birthday!! I totally agree with the awkward Birthday pin...I NEVER know what to do when they sing me "Happy Birthday"!! Haha.

  11. I hope you had a great birthday!