Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Five

I don't know if this is a link-up or if I'm totally jacking Christine Rains' idea of Friday Five -- either way I'm doing it and you're going to like it :)

1. I'm looking forward to seeing Ted tonight. It looks HI-LARIOUS. I hope it doesn't let me down - needless to say Seth MacFarlane hardly ever lets me down!

F-U Thunder! {via}
2. I'm on a Young Professional's Committee for the Chamber of Commerce and I have to write a short 2 paragraph bio so that I can get a business mentor -- and I have nooooooo idea to write. 2 paragraphs - and I'm struggling! What should I say??? - HELP. So far I have "I'm Patricia. And I'm Awesome"

3. For some reason I'm feeling a bit down today. I don't know why. But I woke up and felt like "ugh". I wish it were the weekend already! I'm tired.

4. After catching up on 2 episodes of So You Think You Can Dance I've decided I'm putting my kids in dance classes. Note to my future kids: You better like dancing!  I'll be a dance mom :).

5. I'm putting my wish of a smutty summer book reading list on hold. I just got a copy of Across the Universe on my kindle from the library - and I love it. I want to read it before it's due back and I have to wait again.

So what's going on in your world?! Can you relate to anything that's currently going on in mine? Please tell me I'm not the only looney toon out there!



  1. Don't be down! Im here! :)
    You ARE awesome :) I wanna see Ted too...I think we're gonna see it tonight as well.
    Remember in college when you said you were gonna have a boy and make him a ballerina?? hahaha

  2. Hehehe! I took the graphic from somewhere else. So have no worries! Boy, I hate doing bios too. See if you can think of something a bit funny and creative. People like that. Have a fabulous weekend!

  3. HOW do you get Kindle books from the library??? Is it an Amazon library, or your public library? I'm very intrigued!