Monday, June 18, 2012

I'm Back to Hooking


It's been some time since my last hooking project.
I go through these cycles where I'll crochet like crazy and then completely stop.

So. The news here today - I'm back to hooking.

And here's what I'm making:

Cute right?
I'm going to make a bunch of these and join them and make a blanket.

I got my inspiration from this blanket I saw {and pinned} from Flickr:

Made by Babukatorium
Source: via Patricia on Pinterest

Love Love Love!

Hopefully my finished project looks as good as this one! 

Time to get back hooking!

Are YOU currently making anything? 
Or have any awesome ideas on your "To Be Made" list? Share Share Share!!


  1. You are so talented!! I go through spurts too. I find I crochet more during the winter though. Too much cold and snow!

  2. I try to balance my sewing and crochet, but lately I have been sewing more. I know it is crazy but I feel guilty, LOL.

    What type of yarn are you using for your blanket?

    1. I'm using Red Heart Soft yarn. left overs from my wool-eater blanket. I like it. easy to work with and it's soft :)

    2. Trish is this pattern your own design, or is it a free one on the internet. You can write me at

      Thank you,