Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ooh, How Pinteresting and What I'm Loving Wednesday

Helllo Wednesday! 
Time to link up with Michelle and Jamie
I'm LOVING that I'm back to blogging this week! I took a couple weeks off. But I'm back! Now I have to go back and catch up on all my favorite bloggy friends to see what's been going on since my mini hiatus.

I'm LOVING that I've finally caught up on some of my favorite shows: Bones {didn't think I would love the baby dynamic but I do}, House {what did ya'll think of House's series finale?!}, and now Mad Men.

I'm LOVING that I'm back onto some of my hobbies. Not only did I stop blogging but I stopped reading and crochet and was all around unmotivated to do a thing. 

I'm LOVING that I ran TWICE last week. After last year's marathon and the triathlon the year before that ANNND the torn ACL I haven't felt like running. But I tied up my running shoes twice last week. 

I'm LOVING that this blog is so "ME ME ME". 

I'm LOVING Pinterest

Love this!!! Freeze coffee as ice cubes...drop in glass of almond milk, or toss in a cup of Bailey's :)

Source: via Hannah on Pinterest

Source: via Donna on Pinterest

                                                What are you LOVING this week?! 


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  1. Yay - welcome back! To blogging and running - which I can totally relate to since I just strapped on my running sneaks last week too after a too long hiatus!

    Tanya Patrice

  2. Reading about you going back to running totally reminded me that a LONG time ago, you had asked me about some knee stuff (since it's what I tend to deal with most with my athletes) and I definitely did NOT respond to you. I'm so sorry!! I remember (now) being like Oooh! I can send you so much info when I get home! and then I obviously never did. I'm a crappy follower! Feel free to email me @ if you have any more questions about your knee or rehab or anything else!

    Also, welcome back! I've missed your sassy blog posts :)

  3. Awesome post. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You're my favorite fruit loop! :)

  5. Coffee cubes are SO smart! And I love the fruit loop saying - so cute!