Thursday, July 19, 2012

Follow Friday - Christmas in July?!

Hello Friday! 
I've waited alllllll week for you!
Especially since it's payday Friday :) woohoo!

ok. ok. I'll try to contain my excitement. Now on to Feature & Follow!

Q: Christmas in July! Someone gives you a gift card for two books (whatever that costs). What two books will you buy?

Hmmm...I LOVE giftcards for books!
Right now I DO have a giftcard to Amazon {from my birthday} from my bud Jenn and I'm using that for the Fifty Shades of Grey series.

BUUUT if I were to get another gift card I would quickly buy:
I REALLY enjoyed the first book in the series - Across the Universe. I'm looking forward to reading this one. My library doesn't currently have it so this would truly be a great CHRISTMAS {in July} gift :).

My second pick would be:
I really want this. I've had the desire to read the Brother's Grimm stories they way the were intended to be read - with the darkness, folklore, strange & rich/deep stories. Not the Disney/Cartoonish version of the stories. Ooh-I'm getting excited just thinking about all the good stories that live in this book - I might have to move this to the top of my list soon!

How about you? If someone gave you a giftcard for two books, what would you buy?



  1. =O I need that brothers grimm book!! I have always wanted to read the originals and just never got around to them. Nice picks!!

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    -Becky @ Book Bite Reviews

  2. Oh these look good. Across the Universe series sounds familiar. I am going to have to check it out on GR. Thanks for stopping by my page.
    New Follower :o)

  3. Hopping through. I still need to read Across the Universe. I'd really like to.
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  4. I still need to read Across the Universe yet.

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  5. Across the Universe was amazing! Still have yet to continue the series though. I also love the original Grimm stories too! Must also get the complete anthology.

    New subscriber :)

  6. Good choices! I still have to read Across the Universe..
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  7. Hm. Haven't heard of that first one. I don't think I've ever read one of the actual Brothers Grimm stories. It would be interesting to read though!

  8. A Million Suns was great! I hope you get to read it soon.

    Enjoy the Fifty Shades trilogy.

    Thank-you for stopping by my FF :)

  9. I haven't read Across the Universe yet but I will soon!

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    Lisa @ Shatterbooks

  10. Ooh I love your second choice! Nice Picks!
    Old Follower here, yay! Thanks for stopping by My FF!

  11. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't jumped on the 50 shades band wagon. I thought the first book Across the Universe was okay and I should continue the series, so I need to get that one and I LOVE Brothers Grimm..the stories are so creepy...LOL. New follower! :)

  12. Great choices! I love the Grimm Fairy tales. New Follower!


  13. I loved Fifty Shades - hope you enjoy as well! I haven't heard of the Across the Universe, I'll have to check it out. Brothers Grimm - GREAT choice! I've read some of the stories (LOVE!), but not all.

    Thanks for visiting my FF and have a great Friday!
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  14. Great picks! I absolutely LOVED A Million Suns - it's amazing! And the cover's so pretty too. <3

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  15. I'm not sure I want to read Fifty Shades of Grey lol. :) But I'm all over your other two choices!

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  16. I have some of the Brother's Grimms fairy tales books :)
    I have Across the Universe but haven't read it yet! :)

    I'm a new GCF follower! :)

    Here is my FF post! :)

  17. Great picks! Have fun with your 50 Shades Trilogy :0) I've been wanting to read Across the Universe. I have it, just have to move it up on my TR list >_< And I definitely agree with dark stories... I love the grittiness of dark stories. I don't like it when it's just rainbows and tutus, haha.

    New follower. My FF.

  18. I still don't even know what Across the Universe is about but I want it - if only for the gorgeous cover - it's the one you can flip around and then you have another cover, right?

  19. Beth Revis' series is fantastic. It's so full of twists! I love the Brothers Grimm too. Good choices. I'm not sure what I'd pick right now, but it won't be Fifty Shades of Grey or any of its sequels! =P

  20. I wish I knew, but I need to decide if I've time to read or not. I wish I had the time, I miss sitting down with a good book. Have a great weekend!

  21. New follower, thanks for visiting my blog! I love fairy tales, and have read a bunch of the Grimm stories- I definitely think you should move it up on your list. :)

  22. HI, new follower through GFC as lucyatmax! Love your answer to this week's ?....Please visit/follow me at
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  23. Really great picks. I really enjoyed A Million Suns and thought it started even more strongly than the first book!

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  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm a "little" late replying to everyone LOL.
    Both books are great choices!
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