Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ooh, How Pintersting & What I'm Loving Wednesday!

What's Up?!
You know what time it is: 
Time to link up with Michelle and Jamie

I'm LOVING that I'm soooooo close to 400 followers! Giveaway at 500? I dunno. You tell me.

I'm LOVING everything bagels with plain cream cheese and BACON! oh you know you like it too! Don't even look at the screen like that.

I'm LOVING that I'm almost done with my doily! I'm already ready to make my next big adventure ::: another doily {I know-SHOCKER} or maybe these cute little coasters that Barbara made:
{go here to get Barbara's pattern}
I'm LOVING the endless amount of amusement & Entertainment that I get from Pinterest!

Source: via Patricia on Pinterest
Source: via Carla on Pinterest

What are YOU Loving this week?


  1. Look at you with all of your followers! And I thought my 200 was a big deal haha.

    Love the kitty pin, and I think you should make coasters for your new place in whatever color scheme you decide to do! Yay!

  2. Why have I never thought to but bacon on my bagel? That would be amazing. Maybe even a drizzle of maple syrup too? Wowza.

  3. that elephant pic is beautiful! thanks for visiting my blog :)

  4. Very cool :) happy wednesday lady!

  5. Like your pins!

    My computer hasn't let me comment on blogs for weeks..... wish I could figure out why! Apparently I can do it on a different computer... weird.

  6. What is an everything bagel? I've been hearing about them everywhere. Sounds good though! Love your pins...The quit yer bitchin' is probably my favorite (totally something I would say!) Nice blog. I'm meeeowt (haha...see what I did there! Yes, I know I'm lame. lol)

  7. Omg everything bagels are my favorite! Never had them with bacon though lol. I LOVE those ecards. They are so funny!

  8. Love that picture of the elephant in the water. Beautiful!!

  9. Hehehe! Great pins! I'm loving that I finally have an appointment in one week for the new AC unit to be installed.